Best Friend

Meghan and Jc are best friends. He hurt her over and over again. one day she just walks away. When Jc tries to make her forgive him and says he will never hurt her again. Does she forgive him or no?

"Jc you hurt me to many times." "I know I did. But please I'll never do it again." I reassured her. "You have said that so many times and this keeps happening. I thought you were supposed to be my best friend, best friends don't hurt each other." "Megs please..." I grabbed her hands and waited for an answer.


11. part 2.

(Meghan pov)

I woke up at nine the next morning, to find Jc sleeping on the floor below me. I stood up and decided to take a shower. I grabbed my black skinny jeans, purple 'Pierce the Veil' concert tee, and my purple vans. I stripped down and got in. 

About 3 minutes into my shower the doorbell rang. I sighed and turned off the water. I wrapped a towel around me and headed down stairs. 

"God damn Ricky, its no where close to noon." I let him in the house and he sat on the couch. 

"Sorry, but you should go get dressed." He looked away. I rolled my eyes and started going toward the stairs. 

"Its not  like you havent seen it before." I mumbled walking up, back to the bathroom. Yeah, Ricky and I used to date. Long ago, when I was about 13. We were together for a year and a half. Then he broke up with me, but we remained friends. When I turned 16 I met Jc and Connor.

I put on my clothes. Dried my hair and teased it a bit, put on some mascara and eyeliner. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror and went down.


(Ricky pov)

Meghan came down the stairs. She was absolutly stunning. She always has been. I never wanted to break up with her, but it was for the best. When I say the best I ment for me. I never told anyone this but, my "friends" didnt like her. They said she wasnt for me, that I needed to be with someone else. Meghan had the whole skater girl look. The Emo type, she liked rock and roll and metal. She would live in the 80's if you let her. They wanted me to be with someome hot and popular. Slutty girls, and such. I refused but they convinced me. After the breakup she just got worse. She started cutting. I tried to make her stop, but it was no use. I would do anything to go back to being with her. 


So here I am, wide eyed at a girl I may never have again. 

"You look great." I say, she blushes and Jc walks in. I frowned but forced a smile. I know what I have to do.

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