Best Friend

Meghan and Jc are best friends. He hurt her over and over again. one day she just walks away. When Jc tries to make her forgive him and says he will never hurt her again. Does she forgive him or no?

"Jc you hurt me to many times." "I know I did. But please I'll never do it again." I reassured her. "You have said that so many times and this keeps happening. I thought you were supposed to be my best friend, best friends don't hurt each other." "Megs please..." I grabbed her hands and waited for an answer.


31. chpt. 31

(Meghan pov)

I opened my eyes and squinted. Sunlight flowed into the room. I'm in my dad's room... Wow I  haven't been in here in a long time... I wonder when he is coming back?

I slowly stood up and unlocked the door. I opened it a crack and looked out. Not a person in sight. I sighed and stepped out and went downstairs. Maybe he left? Aaannnddd, I was wrong. He's passed out on the couch.

"Fuck." I mumbled and tiptoed into the kitchen. I want coffee.


I was sitting at the table, drinking my coffee, reading a thing about Luke Bryan (Alyssa wants concert tickets and yeah...). My hair must be a total mess. I should go shower.

I stood up and was about to walk out when a dark figure appeared in the doorway.

"Hey, I'm sorry for last night? Can we just talk?" I looked Jc dead in the eyes, sending him death glares.

"Let me shower." I pushed past him and went up.


Ahhh, nice and clean. I put on my black skinnies, and my red Pierce The Veil sombrero tee. I put on some red and black VANS and walked down. Shit, forgot to do my hair/makeup.

I walked back up.

I brushed it/blowdry. Then teased my bangs/bottom tips. I put on some mascara and grey eyeshadow for a smoky look.

Now I'm good. I walked down.


"Now talk."

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