Best Friend

Meghan and Jc are best friends. He hurt her over and over again. one day she just walks away. When Jc tries to make her forgive him and says he will never hurt her again. Does she forgive him or no?

"Jc you hurt me to many times." "I know I did. But please I'll never do it again." I reassured her. "You have said that so many times and this keeps happening. I thought you were supposed to be my best friend, best friends don't hurt each other." "Megs please..." I grabbed her hands and waited for an answer.


3. chpt 3.

(Meghan pov)

"I'm sorry I never should have just left like that. but can I come in?" Jc said standing at my door. "Fine." I moved away letting him in. "Hello Alyssa." He said. She just sat there giving him an evil eye. "Hello justin." The room grew quiet so 
I broke the scilence. "So what did you want to say?" Jc looked up at me. "I'm sorry." He stopped snd stood up. "Meghan I felt bad as soon as I left. I never should have kissed you. Just please forgive me." He looked me in the eyes.

"Please oh please forgive me. I will do anything!' He knelt down on the hardwod floors begging. "Fine but go to the store and but me some Arizona." He got up and I swear hugged the life out of me. then left. "Get some Doritos while your out!" I called before he drove away.

"I can't belive that." I turned to Alyssa who was disgusted as hell. "Why do you hate Jc so much? He's a great guy. Before you were all jumpy because he kissed me just because I like him. Now he shows up and you turn into this." SHe looked to the floor her cheeks red. "Well..... What do you have to say for yourself?" "Sorry." She whispered.

Jc got back from the store fithteen minutes later. "I didn't know what flavor you wanted so I got one of each." He said putting five bags of doritos on my kitchen table. "Taco, BBQ, Cool Ranch, Nacho, and Spicy Nacho." Alyssa and I stared in aww at the bags. Then I saw the five cans of Arizona and grabbed one. "Damn I love this." "It's just tea." Alyssa said looking up from the chips.

I looked at Jc and he looked at me. We then both looked at Alyssa. "Well it's true." "Um Arizona isn't just tea. It's the best drink ever. I would pick this over Kickstart any day." Her mouth dropped. I love Mountain dew's Kickstart to death. but people like come on.

(Jc pov)

I sat on the couch waiting for Meghan and Alyssa to get back from upstairs. I have to admit I've like Meghan since the first day I met her. But like just about every guy out there...I'm stuck in friend zone. Alyssa is ruining my chances though. She's very protective. Meghan got hurt from her last boyfriend and Alyssa has been... well I think you get the point.

"No Meghan give me the phone!" Alyssa screamed from upstairs. "Why should I? I wanna talk to Jacob!" Meghan sassed. Alyssa is kinda a slut. Mean and harsh but she is...... From 4th grade to 7th she had dated 15 people. She's pretty. Long, curly, light brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. But she is extremely skinny a little too skinny. Meghan is prettier in my opinion. Her medium, wavy, light brown (naturally dark brown but she dies it every 2 months) and blue/grey eyes. She's thin but yet curvy.

I got up and walked over to the stairs. "What are you guys doing?" I called up to them. "Jc Alyssa is being mean!" Meghan ran down the stairs and into my arms. I hugged her tight as Alyssa appeared at the top. She gave me her murderous glare. It scares me. Oh what am I saying, it scares everyone.

I took her to the couch and sat down.



Anyone liking it so far?

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