Best Friend

Meghan and Jc are best friends. He hurt her over and over again. one day she just walks away. When Jc tries to make her forgive him and says he will never hurt her again. Does she forgive him or no?

"Jc you hurt me to many times." "I know I did. But please I'll never do it again." I reassured her. "You have said that so many times and this keeps happening. I thought you were supposed to be my best friend, best friends don't hurt each other." "Megs please..." I grabbed her hands and waited for an answer.


17. chpt. 17

(Kian pov)

"Shit! She passed out! Tyler what do I do?" I didnt know what to do.

"All I can think of is taking her to the hospital." I lifted her up and carried her to my car. I drove here because that way I could go where I want when I want. Smart right? 

I drove as fast as the law would let me. 

"Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked Tyler who was in the backseat with her. He didn't asnwer. You know? Ricky told me something was going to happen on this trip, but I didn't believe him. I just dont get why Jc threw away the pictures of them. They were cute together. Wait why am I talking about them in past tense? Well Meghan might not live ( Okay overreacting) but if she does (Which she will) she will most likely brake up with him. 

I parked and ran in the door with Meghan in my arms. 

"Help! Please somebody help me!" A nurse came over. Thank god.

"What happened?" I panicked, what do I say?

"My g-girlfriend, she passed out and won't wake up." A doctor ran over and took her from me. Did I just cal Meghan my girlfriend? Tyler and I sat in the chairs and waited. 


(Jc pov)

I woke up with my head hurting like hell. How much did I drink last night? Now that I think about it… I don't remember anything that happened last night. I remember having a couple beers and chatting with some other Youtubers. Then its all a blank. And how did I get in mine and Meghan's room? And where is she? I got up slowly and walked over to the island. Hey a note!



Thanks for last night, I had a great time, we should do that again sometime. And by the way, I found your wallet under the tv stand (Dont ask why I was looking there ) but I did you a favor and threw away those pictures of the emo fag. Feel free to call me, my numbers on your hand.


Katelynn XX


What the fuck did I just read? Wait! The pictures? I grabbed my wallet off the nightstand. Yup, they're gone. I'll just grab them out of the trash. Holy fuck! Stupid room service! The can was empty. Okay, lets take a moment to think this all over. Put the pieces together. 

Lets see here there was some strange girl, and that, can't forget about this.

I rambled like that for about ten minutes. Got It! I got wasted last night and slept with some girl I met. Nothing wron- Shit… 

I remember Connnor saying him, Ricky, Trevor, and Sam were going to stay at a hotel where it's not so crowded. 

"Tyler!" I walked down the hall to his room. "Tyler, you in there?" I knocked. No answer. Okay alright. "Kian!" I walked to the elevator and went to his room. 

I knocked. No answer. So Meghan, Kian, and Tyler are all missing. Either they are somewhere in the hotel, with the other boys, or I'm blind and they are standing right in front of me. 

I guess I'm calling him. 

Pick up the phone you bitch. 

"Thank you! Kian where are you?" I asked. For someone who always has his phone glued to them… Nevermind. 

"What do you mean you're at the hospital!" All this yelling hurts!!! What, he hung up on me. Nice Kian, nice. 

I went back to the room, grabbed my keys and drove there. 

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