Prequel to A Harry love story.
Ever wondered what it would be like to read a young girls growing up diary, where she writes all her feelings, new experiences and bad times? This story allows you to follow Cora's growing up journey where she meets Harry and they become friends for life. What things will lead the two to become so close that nothing could break them up?


4. New years

~Diary entry 3~

I've decided to write today because I haven't for a few weeks and its new years eve! Im always excited for the new year not sure why but I just am, me Harry and our parents are going to go out for tea at our favourite place in the world. The Tower. It a really high building that has a cool elevator that is glass so you can see each level when you pass them, super awesome. Anyway me and Harry always go to the games room where we stay for most of the night, the only thing I don't like about that room is the big kids there are heaps of them and they like to hog the cool things and not share. Harry always get us a game though I don't know how he must have some sorta power over the other kids haha. Not really but he could!!

Not sure what to write now... Oh the other day mum took me to the doctor for a check up on my ankle cause I still have a slight limp when I walk, its not noticeable by other people only by the people who know I have it which is good and I don't get teased anymore either which is a bonus, and the doctor said it will come right in the future AND I don't need anymore visits to the hospital for physiotherapy on it so im feeling great today nothing gonna stop me now im on a roll haha.

well I need to stop now cause were about to leave for tea cause we have a booking at 6:30 and its 6 now so till next time.

Cora xx

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