Prequel to A Harry love story.
Ever wondered what it would be like to read a young girls growing up diary, where she writes all her feelings, new experiences and bad times? This story allows you to follow Cora's growing up journey where she meets Harry and they become friends for life. What things will lead the two to become so close that nothing could break them up?


5. New feelings

~Diary entry 6~

I have heaps to tell you today ill start with the move, we have recently moved house, closer to everything, including school and town which is great. Mum got a loan from the bank and it was just enough for us three to buy a big house that suites us.

The reason I haven't written for a while (or like 2 months) is cause I lost my diary after the move... But I found it now so its alright.

The third thing I wanted to tell you is that I think I might have my first crush on a boy!! I've had this crush thing for about 6 weeks, but the only bad thing is that he's my best friend. Harry.

I don't want him to know cause I think that would change our relationship, and not in the good way, so as long as he doesn't read my diary it will be ok. I hope.

Anyway this house I amazing, we have a balcony out the back where we have a nice view of the city and sunset, I have a bedroom that is twice as big, we have an extra lounge room which mum changed into a rumpus room with all our toys and electronics. Yes I said mum got a loan, and you would think she would need a big one because of all the cool stuff we got with the house but no, the house has a down fall, the real estate agent told us a family died here a few years ago. Because of that we got the house cheaper, the backyard isn't the best, its very steep. Mum cant buy us the trampoline she wanted to cause there is no where flat for it to go so we got it cheaper than before because of that which was just enough of a discount for mum to get a loan and buy it!!

Oh and cause its the new year Im now a year 6 student at my school! senior of the school years! but I have high school next year and im not looking forward to that, I dislike meeting new people they always seem to pick on me. And Harry will make new friends so then we wont see each other as much which I wont like cause he is really my only friend. Speaking of Harry it was his birthday a few days ago, he had a small party with his family and mine cause were so close, he loves to sing and Anne hadn't brought him any sort of singing thing so we got him a karaoke machine, me and him were on it all night until we had to leave, it was great fun!

This diary writing thing isn't as bad as I though it was to start off with, I still don't like it or see the point in writing everything down but it does take my mind off everything for a while and helps to relax me if im a little angry or something.

But anyway, until next time

Cora xx



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