Prequel to A Harry love story.
Ever wondered what it would be like to read a young girls growing up diary, where she writes all her feelings, new experiences and bad times? This story allows you to follow Cora's growing up journey where she meets Harry and they become friends for life. What things will lead the two to become so close that nothing could break them up?


3. Meeting someone new

~Diary entry 2~

This is my second diary page, mum wanted me to write in it today because I didn't have my happy hat on today. She told me to write about something that makes me happy. A lot of things make me happy though so im not sure what to write about. It could be about my first pool party, or about when we went for our first holiday but I think ill write about Harry today, he makes me really happy!

Harry is my best friend we met at school one day when he was the new kid, we was in grade 2 and our teacher was Miss Randall she was real nice. Harry had to sit next to me that day because there was no where else left to sit he seemed nice and I wanted to be friends with him, although I had never had a friend that was a boy I still wanted to be friends with him.

We talked almost all block until recess came, we all went to our bags to get our food. Everyone had almost left apart from Harry he was still at his bag being really slow he seemed like he was upset so I went over to him and asked if he wanted to play with me at recess and lunch today,, he said yes and off we went.

After that day we always played every day at recess and lunch, we were becoming friends and I liked that. I didn't have any friends I used to get bullied for my funny walk, when I was a baby I had surgery to my left ankle because it wasn't straight and now from the surgery I walk funny so people used to make fun of me and call me names.

Harry didn't seem to mind though I think he was just happy he had a friend to talk and play with.

2 weeks had passed and our parents finally met, we all went out to an ice cream shop where the parents sat and talked and the kids went off and did fun things, we get to eat ice cream as much as we wanted because it was free, we got to go into play ground which was all made to look like ice cream and we got to have ice cream fights in a special room where we had to wear body suites and helmets so we didn't get dirty or hit in the face, it was awesome!

Our parents talked for ages and begun to get to know each other, But it soon got late and we had to go but our mums had planned to have another day were we got to meet up again.

It soon became a regular thing where we would go out and do things all day, Maybe a picnic or the pool  but what ever it was our mums made sure it was something fun.

So that's how me and Harry met and became friends, as the years went on we go closer and so did our parents.

I feel like I have my happy hat on now and I think im going to stop writing on this page because I cant think of much more to write about how we met and stuff.

So until next time

Cora xx



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