Prequel to A Harry love story.
Ever wondered what it would be like to read a young girls growing up diary, where she writes all her feelings, new experiences and bad times? This story allows you to follow Cora's growing up journey where she meets Harry and they become friends for life. What things will lead the two to become so close that nothing could break them up?


2. Flashbacks

~Diary entry 1~

Hi my name is Cora, I am 11 years old and go to school just down the road, my favourite colour is pink just like all my friends, except one, he thinks pink is a silly colour and who ever made it shouldn't have, he thinks orange is the best colour! His name is Harry Styles and I have known him since I was little. Our mums are best friends so that's how we met and we became instant friends!

Im not actually sure why my mum got me to write this diary, I think it was to allow all my feelings and emotions out onto paper where no one can see them apart from me.

See, 14 months ago my father left me and my big brother along with my mum. He was abusive to my mother and he even hit me a few times. He eventually left. I don't know why but mum didn't want to talk about it or live in the house we had started to grow up in so we left, even with no where to go we still left. Anne, Harrys mother allowed us to stay with them while we got back onto our feet. This whole thing changed mine and Harrys relationship. We became extremely close, almost like brother and sister, some people even used to ask if we were. It was a great bonding experience for our parents too they are closer than ever now.

These days we have a new house, its average size with a small backyard, but big enough for us two kids. The only down side is that we live no where near Harry or Anne, this house was the only one we could get within our money budget so we had to take it even if it was not near our friends, but its close to mine, Marco's and Harry's school.

Marco is my big brother, we argue a lot of the time but mum says we will grow out of it eventually. When we do get along its great he lets me use his cool as play station 2 and when the new one comes out he even said that I could maybe have his old one! But I would have to be extra nice to him.

I think that's all I will write for my first page of my diary, till next time.

-Cora xx



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