A Secret is Meant to be Kept

When Ron lashes out at Hermione and gets them into a sticky situation, Hermione transports herself back in time. But the Marauders Era was a bit farther than she expected. She must figure out how to reverse the spell, deal with falling in love all over again and fight against some of the most notorious Death Eaters, who are inside the castle's walls. Not as intruders, but as classmates.


43. They Weren't Safe Here

Sirius sat on the ground in distress.  He wondered if the snow would eventually bury him, leaving him stuck, unable to get into any worse terms with anyone else.  There was no way he could get any deeper than he already was.  Nobody left.  Nobody to talk to.  Nobody else to hate him.  Not like anybody could hate him more than Hermione did anyway.  Nobody conscious left, anyway.  Unless Lily and James had woken up!  Not that it mattered, he'd be gone by then, if he was smart and actually decided to leave.  He wanted to, so very badly, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.  He had to stay, he had to fix things, he had to know.  He looked around, taking in his surroundings.  He looked down in the snow and saw something.  Something gold, glimmering from its depths.

"No. Please no." He spoke quietly, very worried.

As he picked up the glistening item, he examined it, watching snowflakes fall onto it, and then disintegrate from it's surface.  Sirius' face hardened.  It was over, it was over.  He let out a tear and as it fell from his face, it hit the gold surface of Hermione's promise ring.

"l'm sorry.  I'm so sorry." He sobbed, as he pounded his hand into the snow.  And then he noticed something peculiar.  When he had put the ring on Hermione, it was her exact size,  and when Hermione walked away, she had the ring on her finger.  There was no way it could have appeared that close to him without Hermione charming it.  Something was wrong here.  The magic he enchanted the ring with was different.  He enchanted the ring to appear to him in a time of need.  Had it been that she was in need of love, or care?  No.  She was in need of help.  Lily and James, they were in trouble.  It wasn't Hermione's mind that put them to sleep, someone was watching them, someone in Godric's Hollow was not on their side, they were in trouble.  They weren't safe here. 

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