A Secret is Meant to be Kept

When Ron lashes out at Hermione and gets them into a sticky situation, Hermione transports herself back in time. But the Marauders Era was a bit farther than she expected. She must figure out how to reverse the spell, deal with falling in love all over again and fight against some of the most notorious Death Eaters, who are inside the castle's walls. Not as intruders, but as classmates.


10. The World Can Change a Heart

“Why does Snivellus think that he is superior to the rest of the population?” James carried on as the group explored the grounds.  Glancing over at Snape, parading around the grounds with his band of Slytherins, James continued to critique his entire existence, not that anyone paid him any attention.


“Such a beautiful day, shame we’ll be leaving this place soon,” Sirius sighed.


“I would not have pegged you as the type to find it a shame that we’ll be leaving a place of learning,” Remus interjected.


“Oh shove it, Rems,” Sirius laughed.


“No, no, I agree,” Hermione chuckled.


“Perhaps you just haven’t seen that side of me, yet,” Sirius posed questioningly.


“And what side would that be?” Hermione asked.


“The fierce intellectual, of course.  The beautiful mind, or just beautiful, for that matter,” Sirius joked.  Hermione and Remus managed to keep straight faces for a matter of a few seconds before Sirius worriedly added, “Oh, come on!  You’ve seen me in my classes!  Give ‘Mione here a run for her money.”


The three burst into laughter, almost failing to notice that James had escaped their group to speak to Lily.  As they approached the pair, they caught the end of what they presumed to be another rejection of James’ attempt to get Lily to stay at the Potter manor over the summer.


“Hermione will be there!” he quipped, trying to scrounge up a good reason as to why she should come.


“And you’ll be there,” Lily returned, shaking her head.  James only sighed, and the group laughed once more.  James turned away from Lily and gave Hermione a “help me out” look, cueing her to jump right in.


“You really should come, at least for a while.  Save me from these boys!” Hermione laughed.


“I am hurt.  To think I would have called you my best friend,” Sirius said, clutching his chest in a dramatic attempt to showcase his feelings.


“Eh!” James shouted, “I’m hurt!  Who would have thought you would abandon me for my sister so early on.”  Sister, Hermione liked the sound of that.  She liked how easy-going the boys were, and how they had all immediately taken to caring for her as if they had known her their entire lives.


Before they knew it, yet another student had come to join their group, but only to decrease the size of it.


“Lily,” Severus said, softly, as if attempting to usher her away from the crowd.


“Snivellus!” James said, then coughed, “Ahem.  Severus, hello.”


“James,” he said, raising an eyebrow and looking James up and down.  After a moment of complete silence, Snape grabbed Lily’s hand and began to pull her away.


“Lily!” Hermione shouted, forcing Severus to stop for a moment.  “Promise you’ll meet me in the common room tonight to work on our Potions essay?”


“Of course,” she said, smiling broadly.


“Snape!” another voice shouted from behind the trio.  “What are you doing with these prats?”  The voice belonged to none other than Lucius Malfoy, yet another petty Slytherin boy with a loud mouth and a weak bite.  As Hermione reached for her wand to hex the snot out of these boys, she reminded that she must remain calm.  Severus was Lily’s friend, he couldn’t control what his housemates did.  Before she could completely finish her thought, Severus ripped his hand from Lily’s.


“How dare you touch me?  You filthy mudblood,” Snape spat at them.  


“Severus!” Lily exclaimed, hurt.  Hermione looked for anything, any sign of remorse in his body language, his eyes, but she was only met with the stone cold look that her Professor was practically known for.  Slowly moving away from Snape, Lily stood behind Hermione, tears beginning to stream down her face.  Although Hermione did not back down, James decided to take matters into his own hands, and stood eye to eye with Snape, silently challenging him.


“Try me, Potter,” Severus sneered.


“Let’s put our wands away and see how this ends up for you,” James said.


“James,” Hermione said, attempting to coax him to back away from Snape.  Seeing that he refused to falter, Sirius stepped up beside him.


“Who died and made you royalty, Snape?” Sirius questioned, edging closer to him.


“Boys,” Hermione said, giving them a second chance to back up.  Lily’s grip on Hermione’s hand became tighter.  It was at this moment when Severus made a huge mistake.  Reaching for his wand, he attempted to hex James, but Hermione’s quick reflexes allowed her to disarm him.  Seeing that Snape was clearly prepared for a fight, James shoved him back, and before the blink of an eye, he, James, Sirius, and two other Slytherin boys were wrestling each other to the ground.


Incarcerous,” Hermione said, pointing her want firstly to Severus, then to the other Slytherin boys.  By this point, Remus had managed to pry Sirius off of another boy and was currently wrapped around James.  Scratches, torn clothing, and black eyes could be seen all around, but no beating could compare to the tongue lashing that these boys were about to receive from Hermione.


“Goodbye, Severus,” Lily said coolly, almost pitying the poor boy.


“Lily, please.  We’ll have time to ourselves, just you and I.  We can talk things out, just give me a chance to fix this,” he said, hurriedly, trying not to make a scene.


“How about now, Severus?  Why is it that our conversations have to be rushed?  That we have to be alone for you to be yourself?  I can forgive what you’ve said, how you’ve acted, but who am I forgiving?  Not my Severus.”




“I’m spending my summer with the Potters.  Maybe this will give you time to think things over, clear your head.  Have a nice summer, Sev,” she said, walking off.

Perhaps, if Lily had stayed with him, he may not have gone down such a dark road.  Perhaps the world can change a heart.   Maybe it only takes one.

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