A Secret is Meant to be Kept

When Ron lashes out at Hermione and gets them into a sticky situation, Hermione transports herself back in time. But the Marauders Era was a bit farther than she expected. She must figure out how to reverse the spell, deal with falling in love all over again and fight against some of the most notorious Death Eaters, who are inside the castle's walls. Not as intruders, but as classmates.


48. People Change

Running straight into the fire, so unlike Hermione.  As she entered the pack of Death Eaters, she began shooting jinxes left and right.  With the flick of her wrist, three Death Eaters went down at once.  It seemed like a bit of a game in Hermione's mind, unlimited lives, all the power-ups imaginable.  As she dated to look behind her, she saw an all out brawl breaking out.  But it seemed like there were more people fighting then there should be.  She knew full well there were about a hundred Death Eaters after them, but there were only supposed to be 6 other full on duels.  Frank, Alice, Marlene, Molly, Arthur, Severus, and many more faces that did not belong.  The Order.  They had come.  But.. Who had sent for them?  He decided to keep a close eye on Severus, just in case his loyalties were in the process of 'changing', it most certainly was not going to happen here.  As she searched for an answer to her question, she saw it.  A Patronus, but it was a very odd Patronus.  It kind of changed forms.  It began as a large, black dog, and she recalled it to be that if Sirius' Patronus.  But, she had a theory. 

"Expecto Patronum!" She bellowed, as she watched the otter that was her Patronus, fly into the air.  And her theory was confirmed.  As it scurried along, it met the dog, and the dog's form changed, into a sort of... Jack Russell Terrier, know for chasing otters.  She watched them dance along, and once the Terrier caught up, the animal itself transformed into an otter, and grabbed the hand of Hermione's Patronus.  Otters are know to hold hands in their sleep, so as not to, drift away.  She searched the area for Sirius, and when she laid eyes on him, he was in a rather intense duel with Bellatrix.  Her first thought was how sweet it was that his Patronus transformed in such a manner, but her mind then set upon the fact that if history were to repeat itself, it was not going to be good.  Before she could worry any longer, Sirius' place was taken by Molly Prewitt.  This put her mind at ease, if history were to repeat itself now, This would be Bellatrix's demise.  Hermione turned around, and her eyes grew wide as she saw a jet of blue light flashing towards her.  

"Protego." A silky smooth voice said.  A feeling if protection washed over her and then she closed her eyes. "Sectumsempra." The voice spoke once again.  As Hermione went to turn to thank her savior, she felt a movement, and someone was standing directly in front of her.  She looked at him, and gave a soft smile, and nodded.  His eyes remained locked on hers, and he gave her a questioning look.  "Why do I know you?"

"We've gone to school together for the past 6 years Severus!  We are in the same year!" She said in an obvious tone.

"You know what I mean." He spoke.

"I don't." 

"You are not going to tell me that you have gone through 6 years of schooling being an insufferable know-it-all, yet you don't know what I am asking?" 

"Severus." She spoke in a soft tone.

"Hermione." He said, letting the word roll of his tongue.  It was quite strange, considering he had only ever addressed her as Ms. Granger.  "Did I know you.. In your future life?" He asked her.

"How did you-"

"Did I know you in your future life?" He said, edging closer to her.

"Yes.  You were my... Potions teacher.  You were harsh, cold, cruel, overbearing, and I hated you." 

"What about now?  Am I harsh, cold, cruel, and overbearing?" He said as he edged closer to her.

"Well I'm still an insufferable know-it-all.  Not much has changed, Severus." She said equally as forceful.

"I didn't say I had anything against you. I didn't say I didn't like insufferable know-it-alls." He said softly.

"But you don't like.... Mudbloods." She said, the last word in a obvious tone of pain.

"People change, Hermione." He said, harshly.

"Have you?" 

Severus went silent.  He gave her a stare of pure hatred, then the look softened, to a needy, pained look.

"Have I?" He whispered.

"I'll let Lily be the judge of that." She said turning away from him.  He grabbed her wrist, and spun her around.

"How do you think she would answer?" He said.  Hermione looked down.

"I'm sorry, Severus.  Lily loves James.  I'm not saying you can't change that.... But.. The damage is done."

"Thank you."  He said, turning to walk away.  

"I didn't say you couldn't change it." Hermione said a bit louder.  "Don't make the wrong choice, and Lily may make a different choice."  And as he turned around, Hermione saw something she had never seen before.  A glint in his eye.  A glint of hope.  She had given Snape something that she felt he never had.  Severus Snape finally had a sense of hope.


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