A Secret is Meant to be Kept

When Ron lashes out at Hermione and gets them into a sticky situation, Hermione transports herself back in time. But the Marauders Era was a bit farther than she expected. She must figure out how to reverse the spell, deal with falling in love all over again and fight against some of the most notorious Death Eaters, who are inside the castle's walls. Not as intruders, but as classmates.


5. Never Change

The sound of squeaky wheels and clanging trunks permeated the air as Mr. and Mrs. Potter said their farewells to their children.

"Promise you'll write, James." Euphemia sighed, knowing James' attention was already claimed by the thought of finally setting off on his new adventure at Hogwarts.  She was half right, James' attention was certainly not with his parents, but he was currently mesmerized with the young red-headed beauty that he spotted across the station.  She had striking emerald eyes and a sense of quiet beauty.  "Oh, what's the use!  'Mione, you'll write, won't you?"

Taken with her surroundings as well, Hermione had the attention span of James at that point in time.  "Of ... Of course," she quietly trailed off.

"Oh, have fun, darling.  Maybe this can be a sort of second chance for you.  You can make different choices, do things differently," Euphemia posed.

"Thank you, Mummy Eu, for everything," Hermione said, hugging Mrs. Potter tightly. 

"Love you, darlings," Euphemia said, ushering the clearly distracted kids away.  The Potters quietly waved from afar as their kids made their way down the platform.

Dashing through the crowds of people, James was desperate to find the gorgeous girl he had seen earlier.  She had taken the hand of a greasy, black-haired boy, and boarded the train with him.  Hermione followed behind James from a distance, searching for any familiar faces.  Sirius fell into line beside her and the pair caught sight of James, bouncing anxiously as the people ahead of him slowly boarded the train.

When Sirius and Hermione caught sight of James again, he was lingering near a compartment, awaiting his companions before entering.  As they approached, James seemed to flip on the charm as he flung the door open, announcing, "Hello, I'm James.  This is my sister, Hermione, and our friend, Sirius.  Everywhere else is full, may we sit?"

"Well, actually-" the black-haired boy began, eyeing James nervously.

"Of course!" said the girl, not noticing the death stare that her friend was giving her, "I'm Lily!  Lily Evans," the girl smiled.  As the boy cleared his throat, Lily jumped, remembering, "And this is my best friend, Severus Snape!"  The girl was beaming, clearly excited that she had made new friends.

"James Potter, charmed," he said sarcastically in the direction of Severus, as he held his hand out to Lily.  He then shook Snape's hand and proceeded to wipe it off on his robes, as if it was soiled by contact with the boy.  Taking his place on the other side of Lily, Sirius introduced himself next, simply stating his name, high-fiving the originally seated pair, and taking his own seat across from James.

Hermione, almost dazed, admired the sight of James, Lily, and Sirius, comparing it to the many train rides she had with her own friends.  Noticing an awkward silence, she looked around the cabin once more.

"And I'm Hermione, of course.  Hermione ... Potter," she stuttered.  "It's a pleasure to meet you.  Taking her seat next to Sirius, she appreciated the few moments of silence that allowed her to take in the atmosphere of the train once more.  But, without fail, James managed to interrupt the peace, bursting out his excitement to begin the term.

"I cannot wait to get to Hogwarts.  I so badly wish to play Quidditch, though first-years never make the team, that's alright, I'll give it my all," he said.  He and Lily then began an invigorating conversation on the history of Hogwarts, the houses, Quidditch, everything you could think of.  When Hermione glanced over at Severus, she noticed the grimace that fell upon his face.  Even from a young age, the man was followed by an aura of depression.  Some things really do never change.


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