A Secret is Meant to be Kept

When Ron lashes out at Hermione and gets them into a sticky situation, Hermione transports herself back in time. But the Marauders Era was a bit farther than she expected. She must figure out how to reverse the spell, deal with falling in love all over again and fight against some of the most notorious Death Eaters, who are inside the castle's walls. Not as intruders, but as classmates.


35. He Took It

Jets of light, in many different colors flashed around the room, and Caressa's eyes followed each and every one of them.  She cleared her mind and the magical restraints on her were lifted.  She stood, and burned off Lily's restraints, being careful not to let the fire touch her skin.  They both got up, and ran to the sides of Hermione, Lily not being able to bear the sight of the torture, even for someone as deserving as Bellatrix.


Hermione released the curse she was holding upon Bellatrix, but petified her, and stuck her in magical restraints, not unlike those holding her just before.  As Lily moved to duel with Narcissa and Andromeda, Hermione warned Lily not to harm them.  She was trying her best not to tamper with the future timeline, and wanted to keep the births of Tonks, and Draco, still to happen.  Carressa advanced on the strange man who had captured Hermione, and Hermione made her way over to Sirius,


"Sirius!  When was the last time you were in this house?", said Hermione, pondering it's residency.  


"Two summers ago... Regulus chose his path, I chose mine, and mother fled,  not wanting to get caught in a crossfire due to Regulus' failure to care."


"Take me to his room.  I have something to do.", said Hermione in a firm tone.


"Hermione", said Sirius with a smirk,"I don't think this is the time for.."


"No!", said Hermione, slapping his arm.  She began to venture off herself trying to navigate the stairs, expecting to find the room herself.  Bailey, trying to refrain from the fighting, noticed this, and followed them up the stairs.  As Hermione turned a corner, into Regulus' room,  she began shuffling through any hiding place she could find.  


"What're you looking for?!", said Sirius, aimlessly filing through random items.


"A locket", said Bailey, turning the corner into the room from her spot in the doorway.


Hermione pulled out her wand and pointed it at Bailey, face red, and looking like she was about ready to explode in anger.


"He's taken it hasn't he, give it back.", said Hermione.


"No.  He hasn't.", said Bailey nudging to her left, careful to make slight movements.  Hermione turned around and spotted a glimmering locket lying on an old bookshelf.  Hermione picked it up, and slid it into her jacket pocket.  She held her wand towards Bailey, and her index finger to her lips.  They silently exited the room, and only a few farewell words were spoken.


"Don't worry, a secret is meant to be kept.", said Bailey.

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