typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


12. you again

I woke up to a loud bang. I looked for Justin but he was no where to be found. I ran downstairs and didn't see him in the kitchen. then I looked in the living room and I saw him standing there.

sophie: what happened

Justin: I don't know I just ran downstairs

sophie: oh im scared

Justin: *coming towards me* its okay

Then I saw a familiar face

sophie: Justin someones in the house

garrett: come here sophie and no one gets hurt

Justin: ugh you again leave her alone

sophie: who is he

Justin: hes your EXboyfriend, garrett


then I saw it.....a gun.

sophie: STOPPPP

when I said that he pulled out the gun and aimed for Justin

I jumped in front of the gun but Justin pushed me out the way and gut shot

my eyes got wider and saw a knife. I ran to garrett and stabbed him, then ran to justin

Justin: im okay

sophie: no youre not you got shot in the stomach, im calling 911

operator: 911 whats your emergency

sophie: my boyfriend just got shot

then I saw garrett get up and walk towards me

sophie: *screaming* GET AWAY FROM ME

I grabbed Justin and ran upstairs to a secret place that no one knows about

Justin: go  run

sophie: uh no and if I run then hes going to kill me or something!!

Justin: okay

then we heard police sirens

operator: the police are outside and theyre coming in to get the man that shot your boyfriend, and you and your boyfriend.

sophie: okay

then I hear foot steps coming down the hall

garrett: iim coming for you no matter what!

police officer; shut up asshole and walk

I opened the door and made sure no one was around and took Justin out

police officer: give me him

sophie: okay

Justin: *mumbling* I-I lo-love you

sophie: I love you too

police officer:okay come on put them in the ambulance

police officer 2: okay

we got in the ambulance and drove to the hospital

*10 minutes later*

doctor: welcome back

sophie: yeah and its not a good thing!

doctor: okay wheres Justin

sophie: over there

doctor: ok and by the way my name is doc. avery

sophie: okay doc. avery may I please be in the room with Justin?!

doc. avery: yes

sophie: thank you so much ! *and gives him a hug*


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