typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


5. umm what

I arrived at school and everyone was pointing and laughing. Then I saw Justin, he grabbed my arm and ran to the 12th grade hallway. I looked around and saw posters of her and red marker written on it(it said) Slutty  Loser

after awhile I just ignored everyone until I saw katie smirking and pointing. Since when did she get so popular? well in my eyes all I saw was the other girls kissing up to her because she kissed Justin bieber. I went to the restroom and one of Katie's groupies followed me. She watched me re-apply my lipstick.

groupie-so do you care that katie is making fun of you.

sophie- no not really and why are you asking

groupie- good and I hate her she is always talking about how youre so ugly and how Justin is amazing

sophie-come sit with me and whats your name

groupie-im kristy and sure

we walked out the restroom and she walked to Katie's table grabbed her stuff.

Katie- where are you going

kristy-im going to sit with Sophie.

Katie-um no you're not

Kristy-bitch swerve

then she came to my table and sat with me

we looked at Katie and her mouth was still wide open

we laughed, then I said do you want to meet Justin?

Kristy- yes please


Justin looked at me and ran to from across the cafeteria

Justin- yes sweet peach

sophie-I want you to meet Kristy

Justin-hi Kristy im Justin

Kristy-im know im such a HUGE BELIEBER


then the three of us went to Justin's house and hung out me and Kristy left his house at 10:00 and we went to my house.

I opened the door and my mom looked at me and said whos this

kristy-hi im kristy

mom-hi im sophie's mom

then my mom told me that there's food on the table


I ran to open the door and I saw Justin.

sophie-whats wrong?

Justin-umm nothing..............

sophie-justin tell me!!!

Justin-I have to dump you

my eyes started to tear up and mybody was in shock

then kristy walked up to me and grabbed me and pulled me on the couch and I cuddled with a pillow and cried my eyes out



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