typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


3. the KISS

The bell rang to go to 2nd period. I ran to my locker and saw Justin coming

Justin: So I was wondering would you and Katie like to hang out after school today?

Sophie: Sure ill tell her at lunch.

Justin: thanks bye


                                    *at Justin's  house*

Katie: HEYYYY BRO(she said as we walked in his house)

Justin grabbed my arm, spun me around, and said how ya doin?

Sophie:*laughed*good how bout yourself pretty-boy!

Justin: great!



                     Sophie's prov

so I saw Katie and Justin giggling and flirting so I walked up to them and sat down

Justin: hey Sophie can you please go get a bag of chips(made a please get it I love you face)

I got up and went to the kitchen a few minutes later I saw Katie slap Justin and walk out the door. I ran to Justin and asked do you need ice?

Justin: sure

a few seconds later I walked to him and gave him the ice pack.

I sat down next to him then took the ice pack from his hand and held it. Then looked him in his eyes THEN we kissed slowly and then I smiled which made him pull away.

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