typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


4. sophie and Justin

I went home after our kiss. I kept thinking no I don't like him its just a faze but who am I kidding it was perfect!!!

 I unlocked my front door and heard my phone beep I checked it was Justin


Justin- hey cute thang!

Sophie- hey pretty-boy wyd (if you don't know what that means its what you doing)

Justin- nothing much just wondering about that kiss

           oh god what do I say I lov I mean like him but ive been hurt before

sophie- yeah um it was nice

Justin- yeah um tomorrow do you want to come over

sophie- sure

Justin- okay ill walk with you to my house after school

sophie-okay good nite pretty boy

Justin-bye hot stuff

                                           OMFG he called me hot stuff!!!

should I tell Katie but she likes him ughhh. All night I couldn't sleep just thinking about  him and  our kiss. I looked at the clock it was 12:00 I finally made myself go to sleep. Surprisingly I woke up 5:00.I took a shower put on my makeup and curled my hair. I didn't wan to wait to eat so I made me a bowl of cereal. Katie rang the doorbell I hopped out my seat and opened the door.

Katie- so what happened after I left justins place

sophie- umm well I got him an ice pack and the we kissed

Katie- you what!!!!!!!!


Katie- what happened to hes not my type and I guess im happy

sophie- I judged him before I met him!

Katie- whatever!

I ate my cereal and walked out the door with Katie.

Katie- Do you know why I smacked him

sophie- no

Katie- cause he kissed me

sophie- so you got mad at me for kissing him but you smacked him for kissing you!

Katie-yeah cause I went home and thought about it!

sophie-your a real asshole you know that but I love you

Katie- and your a bitch but I love you too

we entered our school

and I saw Justin coming toward us

justin looked at me and smiled and then looked at Katie and rubbed his cheek.

Katie- sorry bout that I was in shock.

Justin-its okay

  then Justin walked over to me kissed my cheek and put me on his back.

I screamed and started laughing then I looked at Katie and she looked lonely so I got down and walked to her. all of a sudden she punched me in the face then Katie said BITCH!!!!

sophie-its not my fault you smacked Justin and then wanted him again!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at Justin

Justin- youre bleeding!

I felt my nose and it was gushing blood. Justin ran me to the nurse.

                                   *first period*

Katie-looks like someone needed to go to the nurse

sophie- looks like someone's jealous because they're to slutty to be loved!

Katie-ugh I hate you

sophie- I don't care if you hate me cause youre an asshole!

 Justin-*laughing* ooooo she told you

sophie- your so weird

Justin-and youre so sexy!!

sophie-aw and youre HOT!!!

                                                 *justins house*

Justin so today you got punched in the face by your bestfriend and had and argument with your bestfriend, wow girls are crazy.

sophie-ex-bestfriends and yes we are!

 then Justin took me to his room,picked up his guitar and started singing


As long as you love me
As long as you love me

[Verse 1]
Girl we're under pressure,
seven billion people in the world trying to fit in.
Keep it together,
smile on your face even though your heart is frowning
But hey now, you know girl,
We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances

As long as you love me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke
As long as you love me
I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold
As long as you love, love me, love me
As long as you love, love me, love me

[Verse 2]
I'll be your soldier, fighting every second of the day for your dreams girl
I'll be your Hova, you can be my Destiny's Child on a scene girl
So don't stress, don't cry, we don't need no wings to fly

Sophie- awww I will always love you!!!

 Justin- can you sing

sophie- yup


Well let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy
But she was already broken, and it made her blind
But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right
But did you know that I love you? or were you not aware?
You're the smile on my face
And I ain't going nowhere
I'm here to make you happy, i'm here to see you smile
I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while

What's gonna make you fall in love
I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart
Don't have to be scared at all, of my love
But you can't fly unless you let ya,
You can't fly unless you let yourself fall

Justin- OMG I got a hot girl and she can sing!

sophie- who said I was yours?

Justin-oh yeah

he pulled out a necklaces that said "J+S"


Justin-will you go out with me!?

sophie- YESSSS

                        then I gave him a kiss

         *so tell me if you guys liked it and I need a boy and girl name cant think of one!!!*





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