typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


6. seeing why

Kristy-um do you want me to get your mom

Sophie-no no thanks I just need to know why he dumped me I thought he was different it turns out he's just like them!

Kristy-hey I asked my mom can I stay over and she said yes so im here with you until Sunday.

Sophie-thanks um do you know why he dumped me

Kristy-*looking on her phone* um I think he just needed time I guess

Sophie-okay hey do you see those flashes outside


we looked out the window and saw paparazzi and Justin being attacked with questions

me and Kristy ran outside and grabbed him.


Kristy-no problem


Justin-so what are you guys doing

kristy-nothin much just cr *was cut off by Sophie*

Sophie-why did you do it!

Justin-um because well im dating *whispering* Katie

Kristy-your dating that excuse my French hoe

Justin-Sophie im wondering if we can be friends

I couldn't answer that question so I ran to my room. I could hear kristy and Justin talking

Kristy-she really thought you were different

Justin-I am

Kristy-no your not last year a boy named chad dumped her for another your JUST LIKE HIM NOW GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin-no I *stopped talking  cause the door was shut in his face*

Kristy-Sophie he's gone

I ran downstairs and she could tell I was crying

Kristy-want some ice-cream

Sophie-yes it feels like you already know like we've been bestfriends before

Kristy-im know right


                                 *the next morning*

I looked at my phone and saw 8 missed calls 4 from Justin and 4 from Katie. I called Katie.



sophie-hi why did you call me

katie-um I wanted to know if you wanted to become friends

sophie- why do you want to become my friend

katie-um because  im not jealous anymore

sophie-of coarse we can

katie-yay can I come over today

sophie-sure oh and kristy is here to

katie-okay yay bye


          *katies over*

ding dong

kristy opened the door



then we saw Justin behind her

Justin-hey guys



Justin-so hows it goin

sophie-fine until you came

Justin-I hope we can become friends

sophie-i hope you will leave now but that's not gonna happen!

katie-so lets just sit and talk

              *20 minutes later*

Justin and Katie left, Justin left with a bloody nose and Katie left with a black eye. When they left me and kristy were screaming

Kristy and Sophie-OOOOOOOOOO we beat their ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












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