typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


2. school

we walked in the school and say a big circle then a voice

voice:im just a NORMAL person just like you

i looked at  and saw the "we have to help face"

sophie: fine bur you're going in first!

we pushed in and all i was thinking*he should be use to being mobbed anyway.*

we finally reached the top and grabbed Justin's hand and ran

katie:HI im katie

Justin:hi im justin thanks for saving me

then he looked at me

Justin:why are you so quiet

i rolled my eyes

sophie:hi im sophie

justin:well then i can tell someone doesn't want to see me

sophie:no im just mad because we had to save you from all those people,sorry if i came out  rude

justin:no prob do you know where room1204 is?

me and katie: omg your in our class!!!

we grabbed him and ran to our homeroom which was literature.

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