typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


15. puking in the morning

Justin's pov

I woke up and didn't feel Sophie's body next to me.

Justin: Sophie

Sophie: mmmhhh

Justin: where are you

Sophie: in the bathroom

I walked in the bathroom and saw puke in the toilet, then she flushed the toilet and walked in the room.

Justin: I'm going to go out and get medicine while you stay with my mom

Sophie: okay

Justin: are you okay

Sophie: yeah yeah I'm fine

After she said that she ran in the bathroom and started puking

Justin: MOM!!!

pattie: what!!!

Justin:come here now

Pattie: coming

Then she got to my room and I pointed to Sophie puking in the bathroom.

Pattie: go get some medicine and I'll take care of her okay

Justin: okay

Then I left

Sophie's pov

I was puking and then I saw pattie come in the bathroom

Pattie:sweetheart you know what this is right

Sophie: yup I sure do

Pattie: did you take the pregnancy test yet

Sophie: no I'm scared

Pattie: *she took her hand behind her back* here

Sophie: okay

I used it and it was positive I ran out the bathroom and hugged her so tight

Pattie: it's positive

Sophie:it's positive!!!

Justin:what's positive

Then I gave him the pregnancy test

Justin: yay we having a baby!!!!!

Pattie: omg we are going to go shopping and I'm gonna be a grandma

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