typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


7. No way

After awhile of cheering and dancing we got a phone call, Kristy answered the phone and put it on speaker.                                 


person: Is this the house of Sophie Prescot

Kristy: who's this

person: um how bout you take me off speaker and let me talk to Sophie

Sophie: hand me the phone please

Kristy: okay here *gets the phone*

person: now take me off speaker

Sophie:*pretends to take off speaker

person:im still on speaker take it off!!

sophie:*takes off speaker*who is this!!

person:okay my name is...............Garrett Brewer oh and go open your the front door!

sophie runs to open the front door


garrett: hey so I was wondering since we broke up a year ago will you give me another chances

sophie:*thinks for about a minute or two* Yess

garrett: yes thank you

kristy: why are you so cheery *walking from the kitchen then sees her and garrett and drops her bowl of popcorn* No way!!

sophie: yes way

garrett: * picks sophie up and kisses her* I love you

                   Then there's a knock at the door

sophie jumps on garrett's back and opens the door. Then there's Justin looked at the ground and then looks up.

Justin*picking his head up* so I was wondering will

was caught off guard by seeing sophie on another man's back

sophie: you're dating katie......its over you broke my heart

then drops his chocolates that were in his hand and walks in the house looking mad

Justin: who are you with my girl

sophie steps in between garrett and justin

sophie: im not yours anymore remember how you broke my hear

Justin:im sorry

sophie: NO!!!!!!!!!!

Justin:*looks at her and slaps sophie across the face* I didn't mean to hit you I-I

sophie runs to her room and shuts and locks the door


                  so guys what will garrett do to Justin and will Justin ever get sophie back after that keep reading





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