typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


8. meant to be ?!

I can't believe Justin hit me, I woke up and there was a big hand print on my cheek. I walked down the stairs and saw garrett sleeping on the couch and kristy sleeping in her sleeping bag.

then the door bell rang, I looked in the eye hole and didn't see anyone so I went back to the kitchen. Then it rang again so I opened the door and saw Justin standing there with a rose. Right when Justin gave  me the rose garrett popped up and ran to me.

Justin: im not here to talk im just gving her a rose to tell her im sorry

garrett:okay bye now we don't need you here

sophie: don't be mean about it okay hes here to say sorry*now talking to Justin* thank you for the rose and its okay you were mad and lost your temper

Justin: thanks for understanding*gives her a hug and leaves*

I shut the door and turned around

sophie: garrett what are you doing!!

garrett: teaching you how to behave!!

garrett then beats her with a wire

 *then Justin opened the door because he forgot to give her the chocolates*

Justin: leave her alone!!! *punches garrett and drags him out the house and shuts and locks the door*

Justin: sophie are you okay?!?!?

sophie:im bleeding from my leg

Justin:oh umm ill clean it up

sophie: thanks

*Justin cleans her wound*

when Justin was cleaning my leg kristy woke up

  *a few minutes later *

kristy:kiss her already gosh

then Justin kissed me

sophie:thanks for forgetting my chocolate

Justin:ha your welcome

sophie:i love you so much!!!

Justin:does that ,mean



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