typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


11. hospital

i woke up to about 8 heads and a random guy that has tears in his eyes talking to a doctor and then looks at me

random guy: baby *running to me* are you okay do you remember me  

sophie: uh sort of is your name justin

random guy: yes im your boyfriend

sophie: i dont remember that

random guy:*looks at the doctor* um why doesn't she remember me

doctor: um she lost some of her memories just some so she nows names but doesn't really know faces or how she's related or relationship

random guy: can you or I fix it ?!

doctor: yes she can have you remind her and me and the therapist will help her also

random guy: okay

I got up but then I fell. I guess I was out long because I was at a house that sort of looks familiar and my "boyfriend" was playing with my hair and I was laying on his lap.

sophie: um

random guy: okay youre up so let me tell you my name is Justin

sophie: oaky and how did we meet

Justin: um im not quite sure because im more focused on this moment and how you're doing

sophie: oh are you my boo thang?!?

Justin: *giggling* yeah im you're boo thang

        *a few days later*

so ive been spending a lot of time with Justin, and I keep thinking to myself

sophie; wow I chose a fine wonderful boyfriend

Justin: ha yes you have

sophie: oh my god did I say that out loud!?

justin: ha I love you!!!

sophie:*runs to Justin and hugs him* I love you too

Justin: do you remember  a lot of stuff now

sophie: I remember a lot of stuff but when I go to sleep I see me and you in a car and car lights then a big bang

Justin: oh that's the car crash

sophie: did you get hurt

Justin:*pulls up his shirt and shows me a huge scar on his side* yeah and it was deep

sophie: oh.........

Justin: so lets get some sleep

sophie: okay *I get some covers and puts them on the couch*

Justin: what are you doing

sophie: sleeping on the couch

Justin: no you're going to come sleep and cuddle with me

 *authors note*

if this chapter is to fast or I need to write more you can comment if you want to be my CO-AUTHOR  and if there's more than 5 then I will put your name down and tell you if you are my co author



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