typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


9. freaky freaky!!

after awhile it got quiet so I walked up to my room. I got in the shower,put my pjs on, and put a movie in. then I heard the door open, it was Justin.

Justin: hey

sophie: hi

Justin: why did you come up here by yourself

sophie: I just got bored and wants to relax

Justin: oh cool what are you watching

sophie: im watching scream 4

Justin: oh can I watch

sophie: yeah but you have to hold me

Justin: fine by me

then Justin pulled me on his lap and cuddled with me *squeezing my sides and stomach*

through the whole movie I was jumping and squeezing on Justin. when the movie was over I fell asleep

      justins pov


I looked at sophie when she fell asleep and kissed her passionately, then she woke up looking in my eyes and kept kissing me.I grabbed her and put her on the bed and took her shirt off. I paused 

Justin: do you want to keep going

sophie:*giggled* if it was anyone else no but you of coarse

I grabbed her shirt and threw it across the room then took her shorts off and threw those too.after that I started to grind on her body. once I did she took my clothes off and flipped me over so she was on top then she strip and so did I. after awhile sophie started moaning loud. at first I just went in a little then a little more then it was in she was like a hot oven when we were done. After talking for an hour or so we fell asleep.

        rileys pov

I woke up and sat up and realized I was still naked. I ran to my closet, picked out my clothes,and took a long shower.then I heard the door open

Justin:hey sexy!!!

sophie:hey buldger

then Justin looked down and laughed and left





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