typical guy

Sophie is a girl that thinks every guy is the same but will that change when a new kid joins her 12th grade class?!?


14. appropriate audience lol

We got to Justin's house and justin put me on his back and ran to his room. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his neck. Then he sat me down on the bed and took my clothes

Off and I took his off. He went in a little then he went in deeper.

S: *moaning*

J: shh my moms downstairs


Then we switched places

S: my turn


Then I sat on him and jerry was inside me,then I felt his hands feel in my ass then he started to move me up and down. Then he sat me on his lap and he started to suck on my neck. Then his mom walked in

Pattie: um

Justin: MOM!! *lays me down and puts the cover over me and puts his boxers on*

Pattie: umm justin I need to speak to you

Justin's pov

Pattie: how old is Sophie

Justin: 19 turning 20 the day after me why

Pattie: cause what is she gets pregnant

Justin : then we can live together and have a small person running around

Then my mom opens the door and tells Sophie to come here. Sophie puts on a robe and walks

Out in the hallway with us. DAMN HER BODY IS PERFECT.

Pattie: do you want kids

Sophie: yeah me and justin can have a little person running around

Justin: that's what I said!!

Then I hug her from behind and start humping her from behind, I don't think my mom noticed but I know Sophie did because she kept looking at me

Pattie: ok that's all I needed to know

Then we walked in my room

Justin: can I get a show

Sophie: plays some music

Justin: okay

I put on booty me down first then she started to twerk then I put on I can make you bedrock then she walked over to me and gave me a lap dance

After awhile she got tired and went to sleep. When she went to sleep I was humping her from behind and the she woke up and turned around and went along with it and started humping me. Then we went to sleep

Sophie pov

I woke up and justin woke up to.

Justin: ah

Sophie: I love you and your body

Justin: I love your everything!

Sophie: i want your everything


Then I went to the bathroom to take a shower after a little bit the bathroom door opened and Justin got in the shower with me and we started to hump each other.

Justin: we going to take a bath

Sophie: fine by me

Then he lay me down in the water the started to rub my body and put jerry inside me

I moaned and he moaned. I felt jerry inside me and the water would go inside and out of me then he turned me to the shower wall and went under me and started to finger me.

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