Someone You Can't Have. Or Can You?

Her Parents Died In A Fire, And All She Had Left Was Her Older 21 year old sister. They could not stand living in the same neighborhood. So They Moved. They Moved All The Way Too California, A Very Small Town In California To Be Exact. Little Did She Know, An Old Friend Of Their Mothers Lived There, Who Had A Son. Not Only Were They Friends When They Were Younger, But The Boy Had A Humungous Crush On Her... And Now That She Was There, They Could Be Happily In love. Well That's What You Think Anyway. What Actually Happens Is He Has A Girlfriend. A Rude, Slutty Girlfriend. And She is always trying to bring her down. But The Girl Is Stronger And Smarter Than Her. And when The girl comes back into the boys life, The Slut Obviously does something about it. She Takes Her Hostage, And Tells The Boy She Committed Suicide. What Does He Do? Kill Himself For The One He Loved And Still Loves? Maybe...


1. Charactersssssssssss <3


Ariel (Maeve's Girl Bestie):

Maves Boy Besties:





Maves Sister:




Ashley (The Girlfriend):


Last but not least....




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