Avril Lavigne Imagines


1. I met Avril Lavigne at a Nickelback concert

I was with my best friend and my older sister when we saw the Nickelback tour bus. When we saw it we started freaking out. It looked as if it were broken down. They flagged us down, and we pulled over. Next thing you knew, Chad Kroeger came out of the bus. We rolled down the window and he told us that his bus had broken down. My sister said that they could hop in our 2010 Dodge Caravan. I got to see Daniel Adair (the cutie), Ryan Peake, and Mike Kroeger. We arrived at the concert and Chad and Daniel gave us VIP passes. Also signed cd's, posters, and shirts. After we were done there we literally bumped into Avril Lavigne. My best friend had to take me outside so that I could scream. I went back inside and walked up to Avril and said hey and smiled. She smiled, gave me a hug, and said hi and thanks for giving my loving husband a ride. I said you're welcome. She gave me her brand new cd signed, signed posters, a VIP pass, and a signed tshirt. I got to take pictures with them and I literally started crying. Avril asked me what was wrong. I said nothing...it's just that this has been one of my dreams. She said awww and smiled. She then gave me another hug. After all of this, me, Avril, my sister, and my best friend went shopping. I got alot of Abbey Dawn clothes. Chad came with us. After we were done , Chad gave me a small kiss on my forehead. I looked up and Avril was giving him a dirty look. I smiled as he said "what?". On the ride home I was freaking out! I couldn't sleep at all that night! I was busy tweeting about it! I was totally exicted! Now everytime I see those posters, I'll remember this amazing day!

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