My love for #22

Liv Monae has a flawless face, loving personality, but is extremely introverted. She is currently enrolled in a prestigious college but finds herself struggling. Not only is she struggling in school, she is faced with other problems in her life. In the midst of this difficult time, a very handsome basketball player from her school, Marlow, comes into her life. Can Marlow flip her world upside down? Or does he only make it worse?


1. The Struggle

Finals were slowly approaching and of course, yours truly was not ready for a single exam. In fact, what had I been learning this semester? How to become the worlds best procrastinator? How to browse the internet in class without getting caught? I doubt any of these skills were going to help me during any of my exams. Crap. What was I doing with my life? 

As I was helplessly stressing, I felt an arm go around my neck while my butt got slapped.  

"You know Liv, Chemistry is getting a little tough. Want me to help tutor you? I'm doing really well this semester thanks to my boyfriend. He is an amazing tutor. He has been helping me tremendously" said Nora. "Umm he's been tutoring me with lot of other stuff too actually, If you know what I mean" said Nora in a very scandalous way. 

"Ew Nora, too much information. But um, no thanks, I got it all covered. " I answered. 

"ha, right. Anyway girl, my offer still stands. I have to go, Joey is waiting for me. ill text u later or something" said Nora as she hurried away. 

Nora is my kindred spirit. She totally gets me!  I met her about four years ago at a family gathering and we have been pretty inseparable ever since. As of now, Nora is one of my only friends here at Columbia University. 

You see, I am beyond shy. I am struggling with social anxiety and I am too introverted to make friends. Yes i know, how depressing. In fact, my life feels empty right now.  I am overwhelmed with loneliness and my life is extremely dull. My life consists of waking up, eating, going to classes, eating some more, studying, studying and studying. Did I mention that I study a lot? Yup. Thats my life. So glamourous, right? 

I guess its safe to say that I am really unhappy right now. To make matter worse, my landlord just told me that I need to start paying my rent on time before I get kicked out. My life is a mess right now. Can anything else go wrong? I'm miserable.



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