My love for #22

Liv Monae has a flawless face, loving personality, but is extremely introverted. She is currently enrolled in a prestigious college but finds herself struggling. Not only is she struggling in school, she is faced with other problems in her life. In the midst of this difficult time, a very handsome basketball player from her school, Marlow, comes into her life. Can Marlow flip her world upside down? Or does he only make it worse?


2. Starstruck

The following day, as I waited for Nora to call me, I decided to head over to the lounge to buy chips and a soda. I was feeling more cheerful than usual because I received an A- on my research paper. Needless to say, I was having a decent morning. 

"Hey Liv love... Meet me in front of media room 506b. ASAP. bring your flash drive <3 :) " read a text message from Nora. 

"Aahhh.. I left my little purple pouch in my car" i found myself saying out loud. Instantly i turned around in efforts to sprint toward the east parking lot. 

Thats when it happened. I failed to see the little newspaper stand on the floor and I tripped on it and fell. My face ate it. 

"owwwww stupid thing!" I shouted. 

Luckily the restroom was two feet away, so I ran inside to clean my bloody nose. 

I was still determined to have a good day, despite the fact that I had just fallen clumsily, so I moved the newspaper stand in order to prevent someone else from falling too. 

While I was moving the newspaper stand, I saw him. There was a boy sitting on a couch  across from me. Oh no, did he see me fall? Or did he just get there? Ugh, i was embarrassed. 

The boy probably felt me starring at him so he turned my way and looked at me.

Oh my gosh. He was gorgeous! No, wait, gorgeous is an understatement. Suddenly, he gets up and I notice him scan my body. Was he checking me out? I can feel my face getting hot. Still frozen and starstruck, I notice him coming toward the door near the newspaper stand. Luckily I was snapped out of my gaze by another one of Nora's text messages. I picked up my bag from the floor and I proceeded toward the exit. 

He managed to come to the door faster than me. He opened the door for me like a gentleman, and I managed to give a little "thanks," while I tried my best to keep calm.

Moments later I met up with Nora. 

"What happened to your nose? Didn't you know Christmas is next month, Rudolf? 

"Very funny Nor! Cut me some slack, i just fell in front of the most handsome boy I have ever seen" 

"Well well well, that is huge coming from you. Who was it?"

I replied, "I have no idea who he is, I have never seen him hanging around the lounge"

Nora asked me to describe this mysterious good looking boy, so I tried my best. 

"Well he is extremely tall! Probably 6'5 and he has a great body, and he dresses nice. He has thes really nice full lips and did I mention he has a great body? I think he's italian" 

Nora laughed and said "wait, does he have a very defined jaw line? Probably wearing a cap?"

Yup, she knew who I was talking about. 

Nora continued to laugh and said, "Liv, my boo, that is Marlow Gessait! He is captain of the boys basketball team and the ladies love him. Haha shoot, i'd be all over him if i could!" 

Hearing that really discouraged me. What a pointless crush. Looks like I was going to be admiring Marlow from the bleachers... just like the other girls. 



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