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Liv Monae has a flawless face, loving personality, but is extremely introverted. She is currently enrolled in a prestigious college but finds herself struggling. Not only is she struggling in school, she is faced with other problems in her life. In the midst of this difficult time, a very handsome basketball player from her school, Marlow, comes into her life. Can Marlow flip her world upside down? Or does he only make it worse?


5. Make Mama Proud

The following day Marlow kept his word. He invited me to have dinner with him at a nice restaurant near his apartments. I was so excited but extremely nervous. 

"You look beautiful, Olivia" 

"aw, thanks... um.. you look really nice, too." 

Marlow just smiled and opened the door for me. 

He was my first date so I was beyond nervous. Would he be able to tell that i'm inexperienced? 

When I sat in his car, i received  a text from Nora. "WOO GET IT GURLLL... make mama proud." I couldn't help but giggle. Nora always makes me laugh. 

When we got to the restaurant, I felt more nervous than ever. I don't know why, but I felt all eyes on us. Is it because Marlow is a lot taller than me? I thought to myself. I mean, I'm only 5'7 and he's like almost a whole foot taller than me. I didn't know how I felt about all that attention.

We sat down and Marlow started asking me all these question. Where are you from? What is your major? All that good stuff. About five minutes into our conversation, the waiter returned and asked, "I'm sorry ma'am, was that soup or salad?"

I was unable to understand him because of his thick accent, and it did not help that he spoke really fast. I asked him to repeat himself.

 "soup or salad?"

What was this guy trying to tell me? I think he's asking me if i would like a super salad?

I replied, "oh no, I did not order a super salad." 

Marlow laughed and said, "I believe he said soup or salad. It comes with your meal" 

Good one, Liv. I laughed it off, but my face showed my embarrassment. "oh, right. I'll have a soup... i mean salad.... i mean uh.. s-soup" the waiter looked confused and walked away. I needed to calm myself down, I was really nervous now. 

After we finished our meal, three girls approached Marlow. They were beautiful and really preppy. 

"Oh heyyy M-Low! We missed you! Why don't you come around anymore?"

Marlow looked at them in the nicest way and replied, "ahh yeah, sorry ladies, i've been really busy with work and basketball. I'll come around soon, if I have time. But its nice seeing you guys too" 

The three girls were talking to Marlow as if i were invisible. Talk about stuck up and rude. Couldn't they see that I was siting right there? 

Marlow noticed my discomfort and said, "Casey, Brittney, Maria, this is Olivia" 

The girls turned my way and they all said "oh hi....." and turned back to Marlow. Clearly, they did not care who i was. The pretty brunette then said, "we will be cheering for you on your next game" and gave a little wink. The girls then walked away and Marlow acted like nothing had happened. 

Obviously Marlow was very popular. He is captain of the freaking basketball team and he is hot. I'm a shy and simple gal, I'm unlike Casey, Maria, and Brittney. Does Marlow not see our differences? 

We finished talking and we left the restaurant. Marlow took me home after out dinner because he had practice in the morning and he  did not want to be tired.

"I had a nice time, Liv. Thanks for coming out tonight. Umm.. I actually wanted to know if you would like to come with me to one of our team parties tomorrow night. Its nothing too big,  the team just likes to bond and hangout once a month. You up for it?" 

Me hang out with the boys basketball team and their significant others? Okay whoa, slow down. Does this guy not understand that I'm just an average sophomore? I'm not cool like him. I get stage fright in front of people. I am an introvert and he is an extrovert.... grreeatt. Think Olivia, think... 

"Umm okay" I said hesitantly. 

"haha cool, I'll pick you up around 830 tomorrow" 

Marlow left, and I panicked. I am not mentally prepared to be surrounded by popular strangers at a party with one of the most popular kids on earth. How did I get myself into this? 

I wanted to relax and calm my nervous so I took a walk near the park. It was late and probably very dangerous but I didn't care because I needed fresh air. 

As I walked around the park, I noticed a cute couple sitting across the field. They were cuddling and kissing. Watching them made me realize how nice it would be to have a boyfriend. All I could think about was Marlow and I cuddling that that couple across from me.

Finally,I had calmed my anxious nerves.

As i was walking back to my condo, i approached the adorable couple. But then, my nerves were no longer calm. As I got a good look at the two love birds, i realized that the boyfriend was no other than Joey.

"JOEY?!" i found myself saying

Joey turned around, but I hid before he can see me.

"What is it?" said the girl he was with. 

Joey looked a little worried and said "ummm i don't know. I thought I heard someone say my name. Lets get out of here, its getting really late" 

That girl he was with was not Nora.  








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