My love for #22

Liv Monae has a flawless face, loving personality, but is extremely introverted. She is currently enrolled in a prestigious college but finds herself struggling. Not only is she struggling in school, she is faced with other problems in her life. In the midst of this difficult time, a very handsome basketball player from her school, Marlow, comes into her life. Can Marlow flip her world upside down? Or does he only make it worse?


3. I Know Who You Are

This evening I decided to hit the school gym. As I was working out my arms, I felt someone tap me on my right shoulder. It was Joey, Nora's boyfriend.

"Hey Liv, its nice to see you. Not trying to bother you or anything, but have you by any chance spoken to Nora today? She's been ignoring my calls"

"Umm no, I'm sorry, i haven't spoken to her today. Maybe she misplaced her phone?"

Joey did not seem convinced. He thanked me for my help and proceeded working out. Instantly, I got worried. Why is Nora ignoring Joey? I rang her phone a couple times and no reply. I left the gym immediately because I was a tad worried. I just wanted to make sure she was okay.

Coincidently, as I was walking toward my car, I received a text from Nora's roommate Mayra. 

"Hey Liv, this is Mayra, Liv wanted to let you know that she lost her phone. Text/call this # if you wish to speak to her :) "

Just as I suspected. I felt more relieved and I headed back into the gym to inform Joey that Nora had only lost her phone. 

While walking back towards the gym, I saw him again. Marlow, my pointless crush, was standing right in front of the door i needed to go in. 

As I got near, Marlow and I made eye contact. 

"How's your nose?" He asked sweetly. 

Damn. I blushed instantly. 

I tried to play it off cool by saying "um excuse me?"

"You know from when you fell the other day? In the lounge? That looked painful" 

I laughed, "Ah i was hoping you didn't see that"

We both laughed. I was so relieved that it was dark already. 

"Hi, my name is Marl--"

"I know who you are" I inturruped. 

Did that just come out of my mouth? I'm so cool. I blew it. I guess I underestimated how nervous he can make me.  

He smiled and I tried to recover by saying, "haha well, i just really love basketball. I've seen you play. You are definitely one of the best players" 

I lied.

"Why thank you, I really appreciate you saying that" 

The conversation stopped for a brief second until Marlow said, "I don't usually do this, but I think you're beautiful and I would really like to get to know you. Can I give you my number? And if you want, you can give me a call?"

Like i mentioned before, I was so happy to be outside in the dark. My face was the color of a bamboon's ass. Could he notice? 

Shyly i responded, "uhh huh..y-yah o-okay" 

He smiled very genuinely and said "So are you going to tell me your name?"

"Oh, right! Sorry. My name is Olivia, but you can just call me Liv"

He gave me his number and he left. I was floating in the clouds.  Did that just happen? Maybe i fell down on a different newspaper stand and this time I gave myself a concussion and made myself hallucinate. 

I was so excited that I went home and I totally forgot to talk to Joey.

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