My love for #22

Liv Monae has a flawless face, loving personality, but is extremely introverted. She is currently enrolled in a prestigious college but finds herself struggling. Not only is she struggling in school, she is faced with other problems in her life. In the midst of this difficult time, a very handsome basketball player from her school, Marlow, comes into her life. Can Marlow flip her world upside down? Or does he only make it worse?


4. Grow Up, Liv!

"Nooo, I can't! There is no way, I'm sca--"

"scared?" Nora cut me off. 

 "ugh more like petrified, Nora. You know how timid I am, especially around guys! I guess this is why they say 'be careful what you wish for'" 

"You're being ridiculous Liv! Grow up! This is what adults do, they go on dates. You need to call him, its been four days and he is going to think you are uninterested. You know how lucky you are? Girls drool over him during basketball games, even some of the boys do" 

Nora was right. That night I texted Marlow. 

"Hey Marlow its Olivia, can you talk?"

Strangely, two days passed and I got no reply. I kept thinking, what did  do wrong? Did he change his mind? Maybe he found somebody prettier and less clumsy?  

A few days later, right as I was about to sleep, I felt my phone vibrate. It was Marlow, and he texted "Hi pretty girl, I'm sorry I never got back to you. Basketball is keeping me really busy. I'll definitely call you tomorrow. Night." 

Pretty girl?  I felt butterflies all over my stomach. I literally pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. 


Nora replied with "Good, now you can sleep ;)"

 Except, I couldn't because I was too excited. 


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