Faster. Faster. Just keep running, he can't catch me if I'm in your arms.


1. Don't Touch Me

Raina's P.O.V.

"Raina!! Get the fuck in here!!! Why don't I have my beer?!?!" Fuck, Rick's awake. He can't go a single day without his 'morning beer'. Its 7:00 on a Monday, so that means away from the devil, and into the fire: high school. I can't ever get a break!! My mom was gone on the day a woman  killed my dad,  then blamed it all on my only escape: Uncle Dave. Then my mom went to her new drug-dealer boyfriend, Rick. He's the biggest Dick-head you'll ever meet, if you get unlucky enough to meet him. After about a year of abuse from Rick, my mom left because she couldn't take it. She tried to take me with her, but he caught me. So I never could leave. I get ready for school and steal money from Rick's friend's wallet (Because he was crashed in the couch)  and headed out the door. I had to walk to school in the rain today. Yay. Maybe now I can get an escape. School was torture as usual, so I headed over to work. After school I go to subway and wait for people to come in and take forever to order. AKA: my job. After about 3 hours of slavery, I go to hell again. When I get back, Rick comes up to me, shoves me, and snatches the money out of my hand and says, " Only 20 dollars?!? That's all I get?! You are such a waste of time you whore!!" The usual. I hate him. 'Go to hell.' I wish I could say that, but it's so hard to not get slapped already.  This is too much torture, I can't take it. Then he pulls out a knife and runs towards me, grabs me, and instinctively, I scream. "Get your grimy little weed covered fingers off of me!! Don't even touch me!!" Then I run. I just kept running as he chased me with that cold-bladed knife. I ran and ran and ran until he tripped and cut half his arm off, "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" I could here the scream of terror behind me. As I ran some more.

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