Protective Alpha

Like wolves? Like love stories? Read this! NOW!
Dustin aka puppy runs away from home or her prison. she runs until she collapses. the beta of River Rock pack, Jacob, he brings her to his alpha.
Where did puppy come from?
Are Puppy and the alpha mates?
read and find out!


4. my mate

Chase's POV

 "Don't call me sir. I maybe Alpha but you are my mate." I loved the sound of it. The way it rolled off of my tongue. I could see her shiver in anticipation. I advance towards her, she stood still. I raised my hand, she flinched. "I won't hurt you. Never in a million years would I dream of hurting you. Now, tell me what you feel comfortable telling me at this point. That is if you don't mind."

"M-my old p-pack-" Tears ran down her face. I engulfed her in a hug. "J-Jake k-knows. I-I'm s-sorry." She whimpered.

"Shh." I cooed. "It's alright and no need to say sorry."

  Speaking of the devil's spawn, Jake came barging in. A worried look across his face. Puppy looked up, her tear stained cheeks red. 

"A pack is here. Looking for Puppy." I growled. "Chay, do we have to give her up?" 

"No she's my mate. We are not giving her up." 

"Chase-" My name coming from her lips was pure heaven. "Mark me. That's the only way he'll know we are mates." Her voice wavered but even. I looked at Jake. He held up his hands and left. She turned to me. "Please?"

"Anything to keep you with me." I lean down to meet her lips. My arms wrap around her fragile body. Jake's scent on her, I growled. I deepen the kiss, licking her bottom lip. She gladly opens. Our tongues danced and wrestled. I took dominance over her. I moved down her jaw line, behind her ear. Slowly nibbling on her earlobe causing her softly moan. I left her ear and went down her neck. kissing my way to the marking spot, between neck and collarbone. I suck the spot where she will very soon bare my mark. My canines glided across her skin.

"B-bite me." I did as she command. My canines sliced into her skin. She screamed at first then moaned, loud into my ear. I pulled back, licking the spot. My name appeared on her neck. I smirked.

Jake's POV

Jeez I could hear them from outside. Could they get any quieter? The alpha that was looking for Puppy, glared at me. Why me? What did I do? He finally spoke up.

"Why won't you hand over my omega? She is mine. She belongs in my pack. She ran away from me. Her father's dieing wish was for me to take care of her. Her mother died a few months ago. She's grieving."

"The law states that if a member from another pack finds his/her mate then they will join, if the other doesn't want to join the other's. So back off, you're messing with the wrong pack." I growled.

"Watch your mouth pup." He barked. My head turned as Chase came down stairs with his arm wrapped around Puppy.

"Leave my territory. Now! Before I decide to rip you to sheds." He growled. Boy he doesn't look happy.

Puppy's POV

"Leave now!" he growled. My old alpha didn't heed his first warning. Chase held my waist protectively. 

"First give me back my omega. Then I'll leave."

"She is my mate. I'll never let her go." He started trembling beside me. I wrap my arms around his waist, hoping to calm him. It work until the man that used to beat me, spoke his ungrateful, disgusting, waste of a breath mouth.

"She is my omega. She doesn't deserve to be happy. She has so much wrong-"

"No. I will never go back with you. And I've so much wrong? It was all you! You beat me! You Killed my father! You sickened my mother. And you blame me? Just because I wasnt the niece you wanted?" 








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