Protective Alpha

Like wolves? Like love stories? Read this! NOW!
Dustin aka puppy runs away from home or her prison. she runs until she collapses. the beta of River Rock pack, Jacob, he brings her to his alpha.
Where did puppy come from?
Are Puppy and the alpha mates?
read and find out!


6. Mr Alpha Say What?

    Author's Note first:(sadly) 

 THANK YOU FOR READING SO FAR!! SORRY FOR THE WAIT! :) sorry for the short povs




   I stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Chase hasn't notice yet. He's currently talking on the phone. Pack business, I'm guessing. I rest my head on the wooden frame. Closing my eyes. Images of what IT did to me. It haunts me every day. Slowly they fade. Chase is shaking me.

"Puppy wake up! Wake up." Chase had hold of my shoulders. His face held worry-ness. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah" I lied. His eyes narrowed at me. Uh-oh. He went to open his mouth, probably to yell at me. I flinched. I'm a lame excuse for an alpha's mate. His eyes widen.

"Sh*t! No no no!" He crushed me into his chest. " I would never do the things he did to you. EVER! He is no more. I'm here forever for you." He rocked me in his lap. Softly mumbling 'I'm sorry'. Even though he done nothing wrong. It was all me. I'm the one who can't do anything. I took his face into my hands, he wouldn't look at me.

"Chase look at me." His eyes met mine "You didn't do anything. I just need time and you to mend what's been broken." He lips pressed against my forehead.

Justine's POV

 I watched my brother with his mate. I sighed. I wish I could find mine. Its been a year since I could and I'm still looking. I turned around to go to the mall. A wonderful smell hit my nose. My wolf howled 'MATE'. I let her lead me to the training area. The only person there was Blue. Blue was my mate. He turned around. He ran to me. My back pressed against the ground. He was on top of me. He sniffed my neck. He growled. I saw the his eyes. They were black.

"Blue! Snap out of it!" His eyes went back to his normal color, blue.

"Crap! Justine my wolf took over. Im so sorry." I smashed my lips on his to shut him up. His hand slide down my body, grabbing my hips.

Puppy's POV


 Chase wont let me go anywhere without him. He holds me close to his side, even in "Alpha only" meetings. Not that i'm complaining, i love the attention hes giving us. we are currently curled up in bed watching a movie. I believe its called "Balto." I've been debating on doing something extreme. Well, extreme for me. I'm gonna do it.

i turn over in his arms, so I'm straddling his lap. His strong arms wrapped around me. I grab the sides of his face, I lean forward placing my lips on his. A pain shot through my lower half.

"Chase it hurts." I look into his eyes. "Why?" He sniffs me.

"Your in heat." His eyes darken. "I wont do it unless you're ready."

"Yes." My voice sounded weak, just like the omega i am. He lays me down gently. his lips finding mine. 

   The door flies open revealing Blue. His eyes all red and puffy.

"Can I talk to Puppy alone?" Chase looked between me and Blue's pleading eyes. He looked at me for awhile before he kissed me. He sighed.

"You have 10 minutes."  He growled. Chase walked to the bathroom to deal with his little problem. 

"Whats the matter Blue? Why are you so Blue?" He looked over at me with sad puppy eyes.

"I messed up with Justine." New sets of tears roll now his already red cheeks. He reminded me of a little boy who anciently dropped his ice cream.

"How so?"

"I sorta may have blew up at her for having one of her guy friends over- human guy friends over. Which she did tell me he was gunna come over. But, he said something funny and she started laughing and I just lost control. Now she hates me. I'm-"  Tears poured down his face. "-I'm just so protective of her."

"Chase!" He walks in. "Can I use your phone?" Chase walks out clearly ticked off. Chase hands me then phone, I call Justine. It rings three times before she picks up.


"It's not Chase. It's Puppy." I cut her off.

"Oh! Hey girl!"

"Don't 'hey girl' me. Your mate is over here crying and whimpering for you. He knows he went berserk when he shouldn't have. But, he and his wolf are just too protective of you."

"Puppy put him on the phone please." I hand Blue the phone.

"Justine I'm so sorry- please- I love you- I love you so much it hurts to be away from you- your place?- okay be there in five." He hung up and leaped out the door. 


"Well that takes care of that problem." Chase looks at me; mouth open and wide eyed. "Honey shut your mouth before you catch some flies." He shuts it.

"Where were we?" He winks.

"Hmm. I dunno." i get up. "Why dont you refresh my memory Mr.Alpha?" i run my fingers over his chest. He growls low and picks me up. 







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