Protective Alpha

Like wolves? Like love stories? Read this! NOW!
Dustin aka puppy runs away from home or her prison. she runs until she collapses. the beta of River Rock pack, Jacob, he brings her to his alpha.
Where did puppy come from?
Are Puppy and the alpha mates?
read and find out!


2. Finding Puppy

Jake's POV


  I was out tracking with the rest of the trackers. My paw slipped on something, my nose went into a sticky substance. I instantly I knew it was blood. The metallic smell, the iron taste on my tongue. Nasty. I followed the smell till i found a skinny, fragile, naked, and covered in blood girl. she was barely breathing. I shifted into human, I knelt beside her.

"P-please d-d-don't h-hurt m-me." She whispered, barely audible.

"Wouldn't think of it. I'm going to bring you to my alpha. Can I heal you?" I asked. She simply nodded. She was possibly an omega. I shifted, I covered her with my body. The winter cold was setting in. My tongue glided against her cheeks, her forehead, her other cheek. She giggled. My eyes scanned her body for really bad cuts. My eyes went to her Abdomen. A gash spread across her stomach. I whimpered, wondering what happened. Who could do this to a pretty girl like her? I cleaned out the dirt, snow, and dried blood. She whimpered in pain. The gash closed, but a scar remained. I shifted back. I gave her my shorts and shirt." Put these on. Don't want all the un-mated males to go hay wire." 

"T-thank you um..."

"Oh sorry. I'm Jake and you are?"

"Dustin but people call me Puppy."

"Why? If you don't mind me prying."

"I'm the omega. Or well used to be."

"What Happened that made you have such horrible gashes?"

"T-they would beat me, whip me, burn me, sometimes just for fun other times for punishment. I-I sometimes didn't know what I did or what i didn't do." She was crying. I engulfed her in a giant hug.  

  We stayed like that for what seemed like hours. 

 'Jake! Where are you? Tracking training ended an hour ago!'  Chase mind linked me.

'I found someone.'


'Dustin or well she likes to be called Puppy'

'Bring her along with your wolfy a**'

'Sir Yes Sir!'



Dustin/Puppy's POV


Jake carried me from the clearing in the woods to the Alpha's house. Why we are going there instead of the pack house? I have no idea. He went on and on about how awesome his alpha is. And what his pack can do. Then he went on about his amazing tracking skills. He randomly stops causing me to come back to harsh reality.

" anyways yea he's a great guy once you get to know him. But, here we are the Alpha's housing. Home to many generations of Alphas. Now home to Alpha Chase More. I will lead to his study but other then that he wants to speak to you alone."

"Okay. He's not going ask too many questions about my family right?" He let out a sigh.

"I can't promise that Pups,  but I will wait outside the door for you." I nodded.

   He carried me up a stairway. Down a long hallway. Turned right. Down another long hallway, turned left. Down another hallway. Finally we reach the Alpha's study. Jake sets me on my feet. He opens the door. The alpha stands from his chair. I lower my head, never meet a alpha's gaze.

"So, are you Dustin?" His voice ran deep, it sent shivers down my back. Something tells me he's the one. My one and only mate.

"Y-yes, b-but i p-perfur  Puppy, Sir." My voice shook.

"Raise your head, Puppy." I did as i was told. My eyes met his. Everything faded except for him. He was the only one standing before me, in all his glory. "Jake give us some time please." Jake turned and left. I couldn't smell him near anymore.


"Don't call me sir. I maybe alpha but you are my mate." When he said mate I completely melted.



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