Protective Alpha

Like wolves? Like love stories? Read this! NOW!
Dustin aka puppy runs away from home or her prison. she runs until she collapses. the beta of River Rock pack, Jacob, he brings her to his alpha.
Where did puppy come from?
Are Puppy and the alpha mates?
read and find out!


5. Chasing Chase

 Puppy's POV


   Chase's face held shock, my uncle's held anger towards me. Which didn't surprise me much. Chase started trembling again. Man! He's short tempered! He un wrapped himself from me. His eyes black as col. He wasn't in control his wolf was. He was about to shift. My uncle was thrown back by Chase. He shifted mid-air. Chase shifted into a beautiful black wolf. 

'Puppy run Now!'

'But Cha-'

'No buts Puppy. Do it now!'

'OK. Be Careful!'

I turned on my heel and took off. I ran straight to the woods. I shifted into a small white wolf pup. Trees were a blur, leaves flew behind me like an extra tail. My cousin is following me. I push my self faster. I Jump over a river. He hates water, scaredy cat. I landed with a thud. A pile of leaves flew into the air. I circled back to Chase's house. I left my cousin thrashing in the water. My paws ached but a picture of Chase kept going.


'Yes, are you ok?'

'Yes. Are you?'

'Yea can't say the same for the others through'

'He deserved it. But, are you sure your okay?'

'Yes. Where are you?'

"Forest line.'

'Don't move! I'm on my way.'

I planted mt butt next to a tree at the forest line.


Chase's POV

I fought and beat the man who hurt my mate. My feet/paws lead me to my mate. I ran along the forest line. Seeing Puppy laying there in her tiny white wolf, that made me smile. I nudge her side, she rolled over. Her paws grabbed my face. She shifted back into her human form. I stood over, covering her naked form with mine. She yawned.

"I'm tired. Can we go to sleep?"

'When we get home.'

"Carry me please?"

'Sure' She climbed onto my back. Her fingers twirled in my fur. 'Put my shirt on.' She grabbed my spare shirt from my leg. She through it over her head. I trotted away. I heard her faint snores.


Puppy's POV

   I woke up in a soft bed, strong arms held my waist. A strong scent eloped me. Chase. Wait. I'm in Chase's arms, in his bed, in his house! Oh my god! I squeaked. I had a an urge. I HAVE TO PEE! I squirmed and wiggled. I poked, I hit (lightly). All I got was a yawn and a tighter grib.

"Chase I'm pregnant." He shoot up. Letting go of my waist. I jumped off of the bed and ran like fire was on my tail to the bathroom. "OH MY GOD!" Chase knocked down the door. He had a baseball bat in hand.

"Where's the danger!?!?" Realizing that it was only me he relaxed.....alittle. 

"I was just peeing." I deadpanned.

"Oh.. well I thought you were in trouble. And-and-"

"And are my  knight in a wolfy form." He chuckled. 

"Yea can't really wear armor it get of the fur, claws, and teeth." He leant down and kissed me softly and slowly. He grabbed my hips pulling me closer. "Your not really pregnant right?"

"Nope haven't done anything with anyone ever! Your my first for everything." Blushing towards the end. 


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