All I Want

Sara Matthews hasn't seen her husband in 5 years. He was currently stationed in Afghanistan. Christmas is slowly approaching, Sara's three year old also misses her father. Will he be able to make it home for Christmas?


1. Bad News

I got my first letter from my Military Husband today. 

     Dear Sara & Darcy,

I miss you two so much! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's been 5 long years I've had to survive without seeing my two main ladies, I miss you like crazy. Please, don't be too mad, I wanna come home. I'm gonna beg Sgt. if I can. Maybe he'll change his mind. I love you, 


                                     xxx Brandon


Tears rolled down my cheeks and onto the sad filled letter. In comes my three year old daughter, Darcy. "Mommy, why are you crying?" I look at Darcy, my eyes filled with tears; redness in my cheeks. Darcy runs up and pulls me into a hug, I hug her back as tears roll from my cheeks onto her Pink; Teddy Bear pajamas. Darcy caresses my head, as if I was her mother and, comforts me. We pull from the hug and we walk to the couch. I place her beside me, and pull out our Family Photo Album. Brandon & Sara for Prom; Military Acceptance Letter; Wedding Day; Darcy is Born; Trip to Alaska; Darcy 's first Christmas; Brandon go 's to Afghanistan. Sara stops at this page, and, sheds tears again. 


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