Don't Look For Me

Cayn gets overwhelmed with her life, her boyfriend doesn't seem right for her, and her family falling apart piece by piece. She runs away from home, only to meet up with a girl named Dee.


7. You don't want to know me

   The buss rides were quiet, and I got off at all of their last stops, to get as far as possible. Getting out of town would be the best bet so that no one would know who I was. I fell into a deep sleep around midnight.

                                          *                            *                           *

   I was floating. Through space, empty, blank, space. The moon was above me, nestled in blankets of stars, the sun was below me, glaring at me through a curtain of clouds. "Cayn." It seemed to call. Frightened, I swam towards the cool, calm light of the moon. "Cayn." The sun called closer behind me. How is that possible? I left it behind! without glancing back, I surged faster to the moon, whose arms were inviting me to come. I willed myself forward, fast, faster. I could smell the hot breath of the sun on my shoulder. "Cayn!" The suns voice sounded familiar...whipping my head around, a burning Jake snarled at me. His immense heat started to scorch me, melting my fingers first, then working its way up to my torn arms--- I screamed and thrashed flailing backwards towards the cold moon. The minute before I hit the moon, I turned to look at it, and was not shocked to see it was a person. A glowing woman draped in a nearly translucent dress, shimmering with stars, as if it were a spiders web, catching stars instead of flies. Her hair obscured her face, but moved to reveal one shocking ice blue eye, and a warm brown one. Her button nose positioned itself above a pair of full, dark lips. When I backed into her, her arms enveloped me in an icy wind, cooling my burns, regrowing my fingers. I looked back at Jake, and his face twisted into disgust. "You're gay." He spat.


  "Dyke. Fag. Pussy-lover." He called

   "No no no no!" I shrieked. The moon-girl placed her soft hands over my ears filtering out his insults. "Better?" She cooed, smiling sweetly. 

   I nestled my head into her shoulder and slept, peacefully.

                                     *                                     *                               *

    "Miss?" A shaggy man called. His hair was like a birds nest, his beard was stubble, but he was wearing a bus drivers uniform. I sat bolt-upright, blinking. "Yes?"

   "This is our last stop, I would like to ask you to get out."

   "Oh. Can you direct me to a place I can stay at for a night for free?"

   His expression became troubled. "Do your parents know where you are?"


  He smiled, his gaze shifting at a point in the far distance. "I remember when I was your age. Running away. The luxury of freedom. Well, here, I give ya a lil' help here now." He dug in his pocket, retrieving a small notebook pad and pen. Scrawling an address on the pad, he handed it to me. "Just beware of Dee, k? She's sent all the young boys I sent out there running from the house."

    I gave him the most skeptical look I could manage at the moment. "Well, I'm not a boy, am I now?

     This produced a laugh from him as he eyed me. "Nah, I guess you're not."

     "Well, thanks anyways." I smiled and kissed him on his old, soft cheek.

     Dee, huh? I set off, to find the place I would be able to spend the night.

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