Don't Look For Me

Cayn gets overwhelmed with her life, her boyfriend doesn't seem right for her, and her family falling apart piece by piece. She runs away from home, only to meet up with a girl named Dee.


12. The princess and the frog

   A tingling feeling on my face, like cobwebs, woke me up from my nap. My eyes were heavy as I opened them. Dee's face filled my vision. One ice eye like the frozen oceans in the arctic, and one eye as brown as freshly tilled dirt. Her eyelashes looked more pronounced and there was a splash of freckles on her cheeks. She wore a serious expression, but as my eyes opened, her eyes widened and her shining lips parted slightly. I felt a strange urge to kiss her, but seeing how the last urge I had to kiss someone went horribly wrong, I held back.

     "Whatcha looking at?" I drawled sleepily.

     Dee blushed slightly, and sat back. "Sorry... I- I just..." 


      "Nothing. It's nothing" She smiled sadly, "I... I'll be off to bed. You look too tired to play 'beauty queens' with me.."

      "Ah.. yeah, sorry. I just need some sleep. It's been a long day." I sat up, and stretched.

   Slipping back to the living room, I thought about Dee looming over me. My heart pounded like a drum as I tugged the fabric of my clothes off, quickly slipping into the pajamas I brought along. I stared at the blankets Dee had set out for me. A twist. This day sure was interesting, but at least I'm far away from home. 

    I crawled into the fluffy blankets, and curled up. As the light flickered off, my grief returned, turning me into a monster, screaming into my pillow, tears dampening the covers Dee had set out. My hands crumpled into fists. I sobbed out the things I had lost. Even more depressed that my family probably didn't miss me. Sometime in the night, I heard feet padding on the carpet over to where I was still sobbing raggedly. Her fabric made scratching noises as she crouched down next to me. I stopped crying, but my breath still caught in my throat.  Her soft hand caressed my exposed cheek, and held my hand until the worst of the storm blew over. 

    "There, now." She comported. I breathed more even, and she sat there, holding my hand until I finally fell asleep. The last thought that raced through my mind before it went blank was:

     What had her parents been thinking?   

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