Don't Look For Me

Cayn gets overwhelmed with her life, her boyfriend doesn't seem right for her, and her family falling apart piece by piece. She runs away from home, only to meet up with a girl named Dee.


10. Sleeping in the dragons lair

  Dee laid out some soft cushions in the living room area, illuminating the deep red of the carpet with the lush colors of the fabrics. The makeshift bed was impressive, and I felt my eyelids get heavier just by looking at it. Dee looked over at me curiously.

  "You OK?"

  Gesturing to my eyes tinged with red from crying and my sniffling nose, I smiled weakly. 

  "Do I look OK?" 

  "No." She answered honestly, laughing a little, "You look awful. Which is why," She tilted her head slightly, looking concerned, "I asked if you were OK."

  I sighed, suddenly depressed. "Yeah. I'm fine." But at the word "fine", my voice quavered dangerously, threatening tears again.

  Dee noticed. Dropping the final corner of the mattress, she strode over to me with the same look of concern as before.

  "What's your name, girl?" she whispered in a gentle voice.

  "Huh? oh. Cayn." I replied, doing my best to keep my voice steady.

   "Well, Cayn. Let's get you cleaned up." She hooked her arm into mine, and pulled me towards a part of the house I hadn't been to. The dark halls were lit up as Dee flicked on lights, never letting go of my arm. The walls had a pale blue color to them, and the color seemed to match my mood. Pale blue. 

After passing five or so doors, Dee opened the sixth and led me into a medium sized room. A bathroom. I drank in the glorious room as Dee shuffled through cupboards, looking for something. The bathroom had a large bathtub, that could probably fit up to three people, with small holes in the sides, most likely jets. Next to the tub, there was a petite toilet, with an intricate lid, golden and covered in swirls. I turned back to Dee, and noticed the vast mirror, framed with small, glass roses. 

    "Aha!" Dee chimed. "I found it."

  I gave her a look of confusion.



     "Ever worn makeup?" 

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