Don't Look For Me

Cayn gets overwhelmed with her life, her boyfriend doesn't seem right for her, and her family falling apart piece by piece. She runs away from home, only to meet up with a girl named Dee.


14. Nothing left

    I clasped Dee into a warm hug, as we stood outside of her house, each wearing a backpack filled with the items from the house we need. The crisp air was a monster, stealing away our heat. It was becoming winter, and quickly.

   "I just don't know what to do, Cayn. I wish my life had instructions, or something. Now we are all on our own." She cried without making a sound, and I couldn't tell until I saw the drops swimming in her eyes.

   "It's OK. We'll figure something out."

    Dee turned to me, and smiled. "Thanks. I'm really glad I didn't kill you yesterday."

     That was only yesterday? I felt like it had been a week ago. I sighed. "Well, we better get going, then. We have to stay warm somehow." Dee nodded and lead me by the hand up the street.

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