Don't Look For Me

Cayn gets overwhelmed with her life, her boyfriend doesn't seem right for her, and her family falling apart piece by piece. She runs away from home, only to meet up with a girl named Dee.


15. a new chapter

    The cold froze our noses, and cheeks. I turned to Dee, watching how her eyes scanned the streets, and her nose sniffled. Even in these dreary situations, she looked beautiful. I swallowed thickly, and turned my attention back to the road. The town seemed frozen, just like us, and the air hung with heavy sheets of ice.

    All the shops seemed open for business, but Dee didn't seem to notice.

    "Dee." I hummed. She turned to look at me. I sighed, "where are we gonna go?"

     Dee smiled lightly, and her eyes softened, pupils dilating. "I don't know, Cayn. God, I don't know anything anymore." Her hand slipped from mine, and moved up to rub her forehead.

     I threw my arms around her, and held her tight, humming into her neck. I just wanted her to be warm and happy. She deserved nothing less after all she'd been through. She stiffened at first, and then relaxed, her hands finding my waist. She could probably hear my heart, thudding at a million miles an hour in my throat. She smelled warm, and She started humming a tune I didn't recognize. 

               NOT DONE GAHHHH

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