Blood Covenant

The world has been overrun. Vampires are the new dominant race. Julia Hanover's little brother has been severely injured and there is only one thing that will save him: vampire blood.

Talk about a compromising situation.

Julia's little brother is the only family she has left and she will do anything to save him, even if it means making a deal with one of the very same ungodly creatures that killed her parents and ruined her life.

But when things don't go according to plan, will Julia make it back to her brother alive?

*Chapter One of this story is an entry for The 'Coldest Girl in Coldtown' competition*


3. Blood Red

I felt my heart leap up into my throat. My eyes burned ferociously, unable to shed a single tear. For a few moments I simply sat in silence, staring back at my captors in horror. I wonder what they saw? Then again, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to know. I could only imagine what a mess I must have looked: my dark, greasy hair plastered to my face, my pale skin peppered with cuts and wounds – how was it these two had managed to keep so clean? The water supply had been dried out and cut off at least two months ago. Noah finally turned his blistering gaze from me to Tony, his tone harsh but otherwise devoid of emotion, “There’s no need to be so blunt, Tony.”

“Well there’s no need be soft about it either. This is her life now, she might as well get used to it.” He shrugged nonchalantly. The two talked about me like I wasn’t in the room, frustrating me even further. I was sort of in the middle of a major crisis, could they not spare a second to quit chatting and talk to me? “Um… hello?” I cleared my throat, regaining the boys’ attention, “I’m still here.”

“I know, sucks to be you right?” I shot Tony my coldest warning glare but didn’t push any further. Now that I knew what these two were I suddenly didn’t feel so eager to start a fight. Noah shook his head like he was used to this kind of behavior from his friend, although he seemed a little surprised by my response. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and go get the keys? This is a young lady, not an animal.” I looked up from my table to study Noah’s expression. His polite words had misled me, I’d expected some sympathy in those deep red eyes but his expression seemed just as guarded as before. The kindness he had shown whilst he’d believed I was out cold had all but disappeared – how unusual. Tony opened his mouth to reply but I cut in before he could respond, eager to voice one of my many questions. “How do you know my name?” I inquired. Of all the questions itching away at me that was the first that came to my mind. At first Noah didn’t respond, instead he turned to Tony, gesturing with his head towards the door. Tony grudgingly obliged, trudging reluctantly towards the door and scowling all the way. Noah turned his attention back to me, a look of deep concentration on his young face. I could almost see the cogs turning in his head; see the questions burning behind his eyes. Something was bothering Noah too. “Luther told us.”

“What?” I was caught off guard. I’d completely forgotten about my earlier question, in fact I was ashamed to admit I’d been quite distracted by, well, Noah. I pushed that thought aside – being a vampire was wrong enough without developing some weird crush on another monster. “You asked how we knew your name. Luther told us.” His tone of voice was almost clinical, so cold and cut-off it just didn’t fit the boy who’d comforted me as I screamed, distracting me from the terrors that had haunted me throughout my fitful sleep. “Oh. Right. So you guys are, like, friends then?” I mentally slapped myself for sounding so stupid, but in all fairness I was kind of having some trouble gathering my thoughts. The whole vampire thing was a little distracting. A ghost of a smile crossed Noah’s face and I was kind of glad to see it. He may have been a bloodsucking leech but he only looked about eighteen. No one that young deserved a life like this forced upon them - that being said I was only sixteen and the fates hadn’t exactly been fair to me. “No,” He replied, his eyes sparkling as though my question amused him. I suddenly felt as though I were missing out on some kind of joke. “I wouldn’t exactly say we were ‘friends’.” Retrieving a set of rusted silver keys from his back pocket he slotted one into the keyhole binding my right wrist and went to work releasing me from my grubby bonds. I furrowed my brow in confusion. “Didn’t you just send Tony to get those?” He looked up briefly, shooting me a knowing glance. I was well aware of the fact that I should have been panicking, but having Noah around seemed to help. He was so calm about all this crazy shit I struggled to feel at all concerned. Tony had been the opposite, he’d reminded me of everything I hated about vampires, everything I didn’t want to be, but Noah was everything I had always been taught vampires couldn’t be: kind, funny, and, well… normal. “Would you have preferred he hung around a little longer?”
“Point taken.” I was almost tempted to smile – Noah seemed so familiar, he reminded me of a lot of my old school friends – but then I reminded myself of why that was wrong. I was a vampire. My brother was out there somewhere on his own. I needed to start thinking strategically, figure out how to deal with this situation. The pause in mildly awkward conversation provided me with a rare opportunity to ask questions and I wasn’t about to miss it. “So if you don’t know Luther then how am I here?” How am I even alive?” Noah had finished on the first cuff now and was moving on to the second. He trailed his fingers along the edge of the table as he made his way around by my feet, and I could tell by his thoughtful expression he was struggling to decide how exactly to explain what had occurred whilst I was asleep. “I do know Luther, I just wouldn’t call him a friend.” I cocked my head in confusion. I’d heard that Luther wasn’t popular amongst other vampires but I’d assumed that was just another of his many lies. Noah noticed my confusion and - finally starting up on my left wrist - he began to explain. “Luther doesn’t exactly play well with others. He provides a good service for the newbies but I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. Everything he does he does in the name of science and research. He’s been studying vampire behavior patterns ever since, well, the beginning, he even got himself turned on purpose for a chance to study their biology a little closer.” My jaw dropped in shock and perhaps a little disgust at the thought of someone purposefully switching to the dark side. Realizing how unladylike that must’ve looked I quickly snapped my mouth shut – then again I doubt my middle finger had looked incredibly ladylike earlier on. Again, Noah seemed amused by my reaction. That smile appeared again, his shoulders shaking just a little with quiet laughter, “Yeah, sounds crazy right? You’d be surprised how often it happens. The Twilight Saga really did this world a great disservice.” I found myself laughing for the first time in months, which was ridiculous. This was supposed to be the worst day of my life, in fact a couple of minutes ago it had been. But something seemed different now, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “Anyway,” Noah continued, “Luther’s been feeding the newbies for months now. Sometimes he’ll hang a corpse from a tree; sometimes he’ll tie one to a truck and drive it off a bridge – anything to see how far the newbs will go for blood. Sometimes I think he gets a kick out of it.” Noah’s story intrigued me, but after what he’d told me something still didn’t sit right. I still didn’t know how I’d ended up here, strapped to a table conversing with Noah the friendly vampire in what looked like an industrial kitchen, but that wasn’t it. “Wait, what’s subduing me in a train car got to do with vampire behavior? I’m not a vampire, at least, I wasn’t at the time...” Noah shrugged, and I could tell the thought didn’t bother him nearly as much as it did me. “Who knows? About half his experiments don’t make sense. Just be thankful, usually he’ll kill his victims before taunting the poor buggers with your blood, you’re just lucky it was my day to drop off the newbs or you’d be dead meat right now.”

“Technically I am dead meet.” I added, not really thinking about what I was saying. Hadn’t I just gotten seriously pissed with Tony for making a similar joke? Noah laughed, and I glanced up in shock, surprised he’d even heard me. “Well yes, but at least you’re not rotting in an abandoned train car right now. I know it may not seem that way right now,” he finished up, staring me straight in the eye as he said, “but things do get better.” For a few seconds I simply stared back at him, stupefied, and probably rather stupid looking too. After a brief moment he glanced away, apparently very uncomfortable all of a sudden, and switched back to to his former stony-faced self. “You’re all done now. Kitana should be waiting outside to show you around and get you cleaned up.” I didn’t move for a moment, too stunned and confused by Noah’s sudden change in demeanor until finally he looked up at me again and told me, “Go on then. Move.” I jumped up too quickly and my legs turned to jelly underneath me. I stumbled and almost fell but Noah didn’t make any move to help. Just before I left, unsure of what I would find outside those big metal doors, I turned back to the now sullen-faced vampire and smiled feebly, “Goodbye.” He nodded in response and turned away. I left the room as quickly as I could.


Something still bothered me as I fled the room. Something about what Noah had said. Playing back the conversation in my head I tried to figure out what it could have been.


“You’re just lucky it was my day to drop off the newbs or you’d be dead meat right now.”


It had been him. Noah had saved my life.


But why?


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