Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


9. Uniform and houses

We both got changed super quick because we didn't know if the police back where Nialls car was, sending for backup. They could tell them everything like, look out for a police car? Yep. That'll do.

'Wow babe! You look smexy in that...'

'Niall stop that!' I said giggling as he was kissing my neck, sucking on my soft spot.

'Can I at least tie up my hair into the police hat?'

'Mm course.' Niall leaned back and sunk into the seat as he watched me do my hair and hide it all beneath the hat. 

The uniform was very...fitting. Let's just say Niall should be awarded the most cutest policeman ever! And I guess he thought I was stinking hot. The uniform was tight and made me look slim! And I thought uniforms were to make people look ugly! This wasn't!

'Well...' I started saying as I took one last look at the mirror.

' you think we'll get away for this? This look?' I finished.

'You can get anything away looking like that babe!' He said bracing himself.

I giggled in reply and started firing up the engine.

'Ready?' I said in excitement.

'Ready.' He said normally.

'Oh what's that Horan? I can't understand what your saying?' I giggled to myself.

'I said I'm ready!' Niall said much louder with a smile.

'Wha? I don't under-' I giggled even more.

'GET A MOVE ON!' He said messing about with my hat, making my hair come out a bit.

'Hey! That was neatly done!'

'Well now it ain't!' He said sarcastically. 

'Right that's it Horan! Your on your last warning!' I giggled in respond. 'You've been a bad boy.'

'I'm a bad boy?' Niall whispered coming close to me, our noses almost touching.

'Your my bad boy Nie...' I trailed off.

'Come here you...' He also trailed off passionately kissing me.

'Mm...Nie...Niall...common...we've got to go...' I tried to say as he kissed on my soft spot, on my neck.

'Do we have tooo?' He said acting like a small boy.

I gave him a look.

'Fine! Fine! But you owe the bad boy, time...' He winked with his hand placed by my thigh.




'Niall where are we going?!'

'Look just go near our house.'

'But Niall! This car is a shit piece of junk! How can it get us through??'

'Fine! We'll go the other way to the boys houses!'

'Wait...we're going to their houses? W-why?'

'Look princess...I wanted to come back here just so we could pick up the rest! They will be in their hiding spot right now. I figured the police would sooner or later figure out their involved in this situation...' He said looking at every angle outside, like a hawk.





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