Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


35. The truth or the false?

Juliet's p.o.v

'Babe, from now on, I'm telling you the truth. Everything. I'm come clean. I've told you the truth. I've told you everything.' 

'Niall? You've come clean...and...and that means I have to as well.'

'I came handle the truth babe. Don't worry. I'm here. I'll always will.' He kissed my forehead.

You're probably thinking I've got nothing to hind. Nothing. But there is. Remember me and Liam? Our relationship? We never told a soul? 


Liam. What me and him had in the past was nothing. We met in high school went from there I guess. Everything wasn't perfect. A few trouble from the police but that was it. Then, he found his talent and went on a show called the X-Factor. That's when even more trouble started. Don't ask me how because I don't have the answer. Me and Liam broke up but were...friends I guess. The other boys really looked out for me, especially Niall. We were probably the closest Bestfriends out of the group. He was always there for me. But...even when me and Niall were so close as friends I never once told him about mine and Liam's past. And neither did Liam with any of the other boys. We pretended that, that I was friends sister? Something like that. Anyway, when Niall was ready, he asked me to become his girlfriend and I would never say no! He cared for me. Looked out for me. But he spoiled me rotten and I hated that. I felt like I owed him so much but he loved spoiling me! So yeah.

*Flashback over*

Should I tell him? But he might not for the past. Saying you should have told me before. What happens then?? I've got nothing!

'Juliet? Are you alright? Was there something you wanted to say?' He raised is eye brows. I was stunned.


Zayns p.o.v

'Mate! You're back!' Finally they came back! Louis and Liam looked petrified as Louis settled done Fiona onto the couch.

'No fighting I guess!' Harry spoke as he let down the tissue.


'Otherwise your face would be bloody?' 

'Ah right yeah! It was like no one there! No guards, nothing! And...has something been going on? Harrys face is all...bloody?'

'Its not that bloody anymore!' Harry raised his voice.

'Look,' I started. 'They had a fight but now it's over. They're doing fine. Niall and Juliet are in the kitchen. He wanted to have some privacy with her. Don't ask cause I don't have a clue!'

'Well, that tells us everything.' Louis sat down, exhausted. 

'What? Juliet is with Niall? I thought she hated him!' Liam responded, surprised. He didn't even take a seat.

'Same. I was with her in the kitchen, then Niall appeared. Saying he wants privacy with her. I said to her don't but she wanted it. I didn't want to argue or anything so I just went into this lounge with Harry.'

'Ill go and see them.' Liam stormed off but I stopped him in his tracks. Okay. I guess I had a confection to make. Many as I walked past the kitchen, I heard Niall taking about them and that he loved her and blah blah. I know they're back together. But not now. I'm not the one telling the boys that they're back. I ran up to him and stopped him in his tracks.

'Sorry mate. I can't let you do that.' I didn't know what they were doing in there!

'Get out the way. I've had enough of being polite anymore.' He pushed passed me and entered the kitchen. Well, they can't blame me for not fucking trying!

Juliets p.o.v

'Niall, this has been...bothering me science you asked me out. You know. Years back.'

'Ill never forget the day. Carry on...'

'''s about the boys. Well, one of them. It's err...L...Liam.'

Liams p.o.v

I stopped myself from opening the door. I heard Juliet say my name. Why?

'Liam? What's wrong with Liam? Do you like him?' I heard Niall say.

'No no! I don't like him! I mean, I like him as a friend! It's just...well...a few years ago-' 

'Me and Louis are back. Fiona's in the lounge resting on the couch.' I said imminently. I was in the kitchen for at least five seconds, before they could answer. I knew what Juliet was going to say. That bitch better not say a word or else.

'Nialls p.o.v

'Juliet, do you want to tell me later?' I didn't want her to rush. She could take all the time in the world. Because I love her. So so much.

'Y-yeah. But...when? The police...they have our house surrounded!'

'Ill stay here. To look after you. No way am I leaving you here traumatised with Fiona.'

'Are you sure? I mean-'

'Its a deal. I'll stay here for the night.' I kissed her delicate hands as She giggled.

' don't have any clothes to wear!'

'Thats fine then.' I winked at her, smiling.

'Should we go and see them?'


'Its alright. I'll be here with you.' We both got up, holding hands, enter ingot he lounge with eyes staring through our skin. They could at least be bloody happy for us!

'Hey everyone.' i said, scared as shit.

Me and Juliet sat down on a different couch to everyone, and Fiona.

'Guys, I think we should go to the hospital...for Fiona.' Liam spoke up.

'No! No! I mean...I'm fine! I'm fine! After a shower or bath, I'll be fine!' Fiona looked scared/shocked. She was defiantly hiding something.

'Are you sure? You sound're hiding something...' Zayn spoke up. Exactly.


'Fiona, you can tell us. We're not going to tell someone are we? Police, kidnappers, heartbroken cases. We must not let paps or the police find us. Please Fiona.'

'Fine. Ok. Ok! I...when...' Tears started slowing rolling down her cheeks. 'When...when I was kidnapped...they put me into that room...I...I had in my pockets or bag or test. A...pregnancy test. One of the men...noticed and told me to check. turned out...positive. I'm pregnant.'

'Who's the father?' Harry spoke.

'Liam...Liam's the father...'



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