Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


40. Out in hiding

Juliet's p.o.v

The next few days, we were just on the road. We travelled miles on end (and yes we did have money and lots of it) and we still didn't know where we were going. Louie drove day and night, we stopped in car parks to have a break too. We couldn't get a hotel or anything like it the whole world was looking for us. But they never knew that One Direction had a black van so...we were little safe. Right now it was lunch, everyone was sitting in the back on the fluffy and silky pillows.

'This is good.' Zayn was stuffing his face with a subway.

'Real good.' So was Niall.

'Mm.' Liam spoke as he took a bite through the sandwich. I saw Harry not saying anything, not eating anything like me.

'Harry mate eat up.' Louis spoke, seeing him stare at me. 'And leave Julie alone.'

'Louis it's fine. He's not doing anything.' I pushed my food to the side. 'Ill eat this later guys...I'm not hungry now.'

'Alright love.' Niall gave me a kiss on my cheek, leaving some mayonnaise on my cheek. 

'Ew!' I was about to wipe it off but then Niall took my hand down.

'I'll get it for you...' And with that, he leaned in and licked it off as I giggled.

'Niall, that tickles!'

'Guys you're disgusting!' Liam threw a pillow inbetween us as Niall chucked it back at him.

'Its good to be home...' Everyone stopped and stared at me. 'What?'

'You call this home?' Louis said, raising his eye brows at me, while coughing.

'Well yeah. This is where I'm living now isn't it? And I've got everything I need. Food, water, clothes, comfort and my prince.' I shuffled closer to Niall who placed his arm around my waist.

'What about us?' Harry looked up, watching us. He actually spoke for one(!)

'What do you mean?'

'If we left the van and your lives, you wouldn't notice...' He murmed, bowing his head down.

'Harry...' I felt sorry for him now.

'I'm...going to get some air.' He then got up, wearing all darkness in him and got outside the van, slamming the side door shut.

'Grumpy.' Zayn said as he finished his subway.

'I'll go and-' Liam was interrupted by me. I did this.

'No. I'll go and talk to him. It's my fault so I'll-'

'Its not your fault Julie.' 

'Look Liam, can I just go and talk to him?' He gave a nod and sat back down, covering himself with his jacket. Niall slowly opened the side door of the van for me and I hopped out, closing the door behind me. As the sun shone onto my skin, I walked over to Harry, who was now sitting on a wooden bench by a big oak tree, looking out at the country side. I looked back and saw only our van parked in the parking place. Strange. I thought it would be at least busy or something. I walked over to Harry, who was staring out to the green sight. I gave a sigh and sat on the other side of the bench, also looking out to the magnificent sight. 




Hey guys! Sorry it's so short but for the next chapter could I get 60+ likes please? And I promise it will be a longer one! Thank you so much! :) :)

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