Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


28. It's time

Harrys p.o.v

We all walked to the door. I fucking hate Niall. I just wanted to punch him or something to get that smirk off his face! But, it knew this wasn't the time. I knocked in the door and Juliet slowly opened the door.

'Hey guys. Come in.' She said quietly, shutting the door behind us.

'Hey Julie, it's alright...' I saw tears in her eyes as I went up to her but then Liam cleared his throat. Great.

'Juliet...take a seat.' He said leading her and everyone to the lounge.

'Thanks.' She said quietly again. What was wrong? Why was she talking so low key?

'Are you alright love?' I said trying to comfort her as I sat beside her.

'Harry now is not the time. Why don't you go with Niall and check the front door, keep guard mate?' He said in the possibly nicest way. He's not the boy out of us who shouted and argues but...this time. Yeah. I didn't say a thing. I just smiled at Juliet and whispered in her ear, telling her it's alright. Even though I knew it wasn't. This all sounded serious. I got up and Niall trod behind me. We went through the kitchen and went to the front door.

'Why are you acting weird?' Niall finally spoke up.

'Me?' I said raising my eye brows.

'Yes you. Why are you acting like you own her? You don't.'

'Well it's not like you own her or even like her anymore.' I said locking all the bolts in the door.

'Corse I like her!' I looked bloody surprised! What?!

'You do? Then why did you leave her??' Ok. So now I'm being weird because I liked her too.

'Me and Ellie have been best friends! I thought it was time to make the knot. And she doesn't leave me alone, crying my eyes out day after day.' He said firmly. 'Ellie's my soul mate. She knows me-'

'Juliet knows you even more.' I said, with my head down. Why was I saying all this? I cared for Juliet. And now I'm telling Niall he's wrong? 

'...' Niall kept on opening his mouth to say something but nothing came out. It was like someone stole his voice.

'Knew it. Anyway-'

'Why are you trying to get her? It's only to make me jealous. Plus, you don't know how to treat women. You've never gone on dates or anything!' Ok now I was getting pissed off.

'Keep your dirty mouth shut. I would never play with a girls heart. Especially Juliet's. And as I'd YOU know how to treat women Niall. You let Juliet slip from your grasp.'

'You let Paris get away too.'

'Its not a competition mate. I'm not a player. I don't play. I live. You should to.' I said. Ok, Juliet set me and Paris up but, she sure was bloody fuming when she heard we were involved with the police and that. Guess she hated bad people or crimes or something. If we didn't have anything to do with this...I bet we would still be together. I wonder what she's doing now? Probably in another pub, messing with some other boys hearts. I guess she was a bit of a player. Hard to get person. She liked clubbing and that. I remember when we were together, she'accidentally' would kiss or something with another guy. We...we sorted through that but. I eventually found out she was a player. But...I didn't really care. She thought I'd never figure or find out. Fat chance. I watched night after night. She came home later. I pretended I didn't know a thing. But...we had some arguments but...I'm a guy who forgives people so easily. Because I care for them. I love them.'s harsh if you stay pissed off at them! So I'm always forgiving people. Not always but you know what I mean.

'Hey guys.' Louis and Zayn came to us.

'Hey.' I replied. But Niall didn't.

'Just checking you're not fighting. You know-'

'Look, we're not fighting anymore. I hate fighting. Look Niall, I'll never forget what you did you Juliet, but...' I gave a sigh. ' will always be my mate. But...remember I'll never forget what you did.' He nodded and sat down on the step.

'Ok, guess that's sorted.' Louis rubbed his hands together. 'Better tell you what's going on.' Zayn said, slipping his hands out his pockets. Wait, they already knew?? Liam....Liam and Kayleigh must have told them.

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