Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


41. I'm trying to help

Juliet's p.o.v

'Harry...why did you leave?' I was nervous to speak, but I had to sooner or later.

'I don't have to have a reason.' I knew it. He was playing hard.

'Why? Why are you being like this? It's Niall...isn't it.' I turned my head, my eyes looking at him.

'It's not Niall. It use to be. He use to be my mate. Then look what he did. Smash my face right it and it still bloody hurts-'

'Why don't you go to the doctors?'

'Oh yeah, then get caught by the blue men in flashing cars-no fucking way.'

'Sorry.' Wait. Why should I be apologizing? He should be the one who is.



Juliet's p.o.v

'' I said awkwardly.


''re protecting me...'

' did Fiona mean, we were going out?'

' were...we were like...together when I came to her front know.'

'I guess. I'm really sorry Juliet. This is all my fault!' He ruffled up his hair and paced up and down by the front door.

'Harry this isn't your fault!'

'It is! If I didn't have kissed you, then she wouldn't think we were going out! She wouldn't have left you alone! She wouldn't have told them you were mine! If I hadn't felt bloody sorry for you!'

We both fell silent. Was it true? He...he didn't feel the same?

' don't feel the...same? You never did?'


'Why did you kiss me then?! I thought you liked me! You kissed me!' I said. I can't believe it.

Nialls p.o.v

I heard it all behind the door. The whole thing. That's why he was being like this. He kissed her and didn't even have feelings! And he said to me...he loved her. Pah. That's shit. I opened the door quickly and closed it.

'Harry, you don't kiss someone just because you feel sorry for erm.' Ok. There. Said it.

'I like you Juliet! I really do! It's just...' Harry said quietly. Dickhead.

'You spat it out earlier. I heard you. 'If I hadn't felt bloody sorry for you'. Your wisdom words! I hate you! I can't trust anyone anymore! No one! I can't trust Niall, now you! Who next? The rest of them? Even Fiona??'

'Julie calm down...' I said going towards her.

'No...No! I can't trust no one! Especially you Niall!'

'Babe I'm so-'

'I came back to just forgot everything! I wanted to be with you changed your mind.'

'I didn't know! I thought you hated me!'

'I never said that in the field! With the rest! Paris, Eleanor, Perrie, Fiona and Paris! Including the rest! I never said I hated you! I said three words. Three little words that came from my heart Niall...'


'I love you.' She was breaking down in tears again but only a few came rolling down her soft cheeks. What have I done? This was all my fault!

'This is all my fucking fault! If I came back to you, everything would be fine! Harry wouldn't have kissed you! And Fiona might have not even been bloody kidnapped! I would have my love back and have everything! Fucking stupid!' It was my fault. All my fault. Me and Ellie could have just stayed best mates! But no! I changed my mind! I changed my mind! My head must have buried those words Juliet said to me! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!

*Flashback over*


'Harry...can I ask just one question?'


'Um...did you ever have feelings for me? Did you ever love me?' He gave out a sigh, not turning his head around. 

'Harry?' He didn't respond. I knew this was going to be hard so I got up and slowly made my way over to the van, making sure no one was watching. I grabbed the handle, pulling the door to the side and hopped in, closing the side door.

'Well?' Liam spoke up.

'Shut up Liam. Cut her some slack mate, she just got back. You alright babe?' Niall held me and I sunk into his lap.

'I don't really know...he didn't say much. I asked why he left and...he said...what I think he was trying to say...I don't know! He's just acting so difficult?! I asked him one simple question too...'

'Which was?' Zayn spoke to me.

'Did you ever have feelings for me? He...he didn't say anything. Even when I repeated his name too.' I looked at Niall.

'Shall we just leave him out there til he gets back? Maybe the prick wants some time alone.' Everyone nodded including me. Just let him have his space, then he won't cause trouble.

'So...what now? Where are we off to?' Louis spoke as he got into the drivers seat.

'I don't! That's it! I've got it!' Zayn jumped up shouting. 'And this is especially for Juliet too! This is perfect! Why haven't I thought of it before?!'

'What? What?!' Louis spoke, trying to get some sense out of Zayn.

'Im driving ok? We need to get down to the Wood 'n' Tool market shop store now! We need all the tools and wood we can fit in here! Maybe we could buy a trailer while we're there! Common get Harry!' Zayn jumped into the drivers seat as Louis slid into the front passengers. Everyone was up and go, me and Niall stayed sat on the pillows in the back as Liam opened the side door and fetched Harry.

Liams p.o.v

'Common mate we need to go.' He didn't move a muscle. He WAS being hard. 'Harry NOW!'

'Alright, alright. Keep your bloody hair on.' He got up and took one last look at the sight before walking to the van with me behind him. I let him go into the back while I sat beside Louis in the front. Harry sat right at the back of the van, staring at his phone cross legged. He was so quiet and dangerous it gave me goose bumps. He had really changed. Who changed him?



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