Police, haunted love, one secret, too many broken hearts and one full new life for the six of them. I suppose you could say eight of us really. Trying to hide and start a new place with the biggest boy band? While you've all broken the law more than a thousand times in a days work? It can get pretty tough. Kidnapping and saving. Losing and finding. Loving and hating. What more could you want? The vid explains all...then the story begins.


25. I'm not

Fiona's p.o.v

'Speak up girl. Are you pregnant?' He hissed at me.

'Y...yes.' I managed to scramble the word out my mouth.

'Good. He'll pay even more for you then.' That's all I heard before he grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialled someone's number.

'Hello?' The other caller said. No. That sounded like Juliet!

'Juliet!' I screamed.

'Do you want to come out alive?' The other guy hissed in my hear and I shut my mouth. 'Good.'

'So, I'm guessing you're Juliet?' The man carried on the phone to her.

'Yes? Why?' She asked.

'We've got a little somebody you might know...Harrys girlfriend.' He replied.

'Um...Fiona isn't his girlfriend. They don't even like each other. Who's calling?' She said confused. Shit.

'What.' The man covered the phone with his hands so Juliet couldn't hear him.

'You mean you're not his girlfriend?!'

'Of course I'm bloody not! She is!' Oh shit. Wait...I didn't even know if they were going out! But let's just say they looked liked it! Oh shit! Know that bastards going to get her! What have I fucking done?!

'Ah thanks a million Fiona. Such a true friend of hers I take it. I'll be back. Guys...' He clicked his fingers and pointed towards me.

'See ya beautiful.' He opened the door and slammed it shut, locking the door as the other two men stood beside me...guessing so that I wouldn't escape. Like I fucking could. Pfff.

Liams p.o.v

'Keep your bloody hair on Liam! We're in here!' I heard Louis say in the other room. Me and Kayleigh raced into the room.

'Guys we need to go NOW!'

'Wait a min Liam! I almost scored a shoot!' They were playing FIFA.


'Whats happened??' Harry spoke in a scared tone as he raced towards me.


'Liam I can call her for you!' Kayleigh said. God sweet voice.

'Oh could you babe?? Thanks!' I kissed her as she called her, putting on loud speaker as the boys turned off the game and gathered around us.

Juliet's p.o.v

I was still sitting on the couch. God, how long does it take for Fiona? It's been over an hour or so! But just then, my mobile rung and I picked it up.


'Juliet it's Kayleigh! Are you alright??'

'Yeah I'm fine! Why would I be?'

'Ok we're coming as soon as possible for you! Until then, keep all the windows and doors fucking tight shut! We're coming babe!' I heard Harrys saying. What was going on??

'Um...ok guys you're scaring me.' I spoke.

'Please babe! We'll explain everything when we arrive!' Harry answered.

'Ok please hurry!' I said.

'Ok bye babe!' And with that, they hung up. I raced to every window in Fiona's house and looked the back and front door with the steel padlock. I'm scared as shit. Hopefully Harry and the rest come soon.........





Hey guys! Sorry we haven't updated for ages but I'll be updating more as I've got the ideas now! Thank you for all the likes and comments! Keep them coming! Love you! -Harrys_Little_Minion_x


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